Download Videos From Every Websites

Download Videos From Every Websites

How to download Videos from websites? Many of we watch videos in youtube, facebook, and many other websites. We like them and want it to save in our computer so that we can show those to other friends and also be useful in future. I mean you like to download videos from those websites which is not easy. So how to Download Videos From Every Websites? Yes you can download videos from any website without any download manager and without Installation of any software.
Now here we go.

Download video from facebook.

>>>Go to The person’s profile (or Facebook page ) from where you want to download. In the Video right click and open in new tab.
>>>If there is video in Facebook Home just click and open it in new tab.
In url bar just select all and copy.
Now Just Visit
Paste url in the space box
>>>Now Just paste the url from the video and click download.
>>>Now you will see information about that video and Download link Click in a link you think appropriate.
>>>Download video and Enjoy it.

From Youtube

It is also simple.
Just Copy The Link of that youtube Video from url bar.
Download Videos From Every Websites
Now Open This Link
Now Paste the youtube Video and click start.
>>>you will see information about that video and download links. Just click in any link you think appropriate.
Your Downloads starts and enjoy the Video.
Next Way:-

Being on simply add “ss” to the video URL in order to start the default Youtube Download
And the video start to download.
In the same way Just copy the link of videos from any website and paste it as above. in
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