50 Best Wonderkids For Football Manager 2020

As we all know the new season of football manager 2020 has just begun. A few days ago the best football manager game was released worldwide. Many of you have already started to build your manager career. To reduce your stress here we have bought a list of 50 wonderkids for football manager 2020.

The following wonderkids will surely help to take your club to the next level. These young beast are full of potential. You can sign any of them according to your needs.

What is wonderkid?

best wonderkids football manager 2020

Wonderkids are the types of young players with high potential abilities. Those young players who have already started to play the first division league are likely to be listed as the wonderkids. You can take Mbappe and De. Ligt as an example. They are the future of football and the legend of tomorrow.

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From GK to the ST we have listed our best 50 high potential wonderkids on the list. If we have missed any of your selection then you can drop your gems right below on the comment section. We will try our best to add them to our next update.

Knowing the players’ ratings

You can see all the players have their own current potential and future potential. I mean the current ability and potential ability. This ability is equally important for you to remember. The ability will describe his performance in the league.

  • 83+world class player
  • 78-82 great player for first division league
  • 75-77 great player for second division or backup
  • 72-74 great player for league one
  • 65-71 lower league beast

In this article, we have only listed the high potential beast. It means all the listed wonderkids are ready to boost your first-team squad or keep it for the future. You can sign them at the cheap price, train them, give some first-team matches. The player value will go higher slowly. After that, you can sell them to get some profit or you can keep them to win some more trophies. The choice is yours.

50 best wonerkids for football manager 2020

RankNamePositionCurrent abilityPotential abilityAgeClubUnique ID
1Kylian MbappeAM (RL), ST (C)18119620Paris Saint-Germain85139014
2Matthijs de LigtD (C)154160-19019Juventus37055843
3Vinicius JuniorAM (L), ST (C)144160-19019Real Madrid19302146
4Gianluigi DonnarummaGK155160-19020AC Milan43252073
5RodrygoAM (L), ST (C)130160-19018Real Madrid19306929
6Jean-Clair TodiboD (C), DM130160-19019Barcelona48044499
7Ansu FatiM (L), AM (RL), ST (C)120160-19016Barcelona B67276122
8Ousmane DembeleM/AM (RL)16918522Barcelona85140178
9Kai HavertzM/AM (C)15318020Bayer 04 Leverkusen91151081
10Callum Hudson-OdoiAM (RLC)140150-18018Chelsea28112986
11Declan RiceD (C), DM, M (C)139150-18020West Ham United28106491
12Moussa WagueD/WB (RL)145150-18020Barcelona13158640
13Moise KeanAM (RL), ST (C)133150-18019Everton43274977
14Erling HaalandST (C)143150-18019Salzburg29179241
15Nicolo ZanioloM (C), AM (RLC)143150-18020AS Roma43270517
16Eduardo CamavingaDM, M (C)116150-18016Stade Rennais49056243
17William SalibaD (C)119150-18018Arsenal49039004
18Dominik SzoboszlaiM (LC), AM (C)121150-18018Salzburg16202373
19Exequiel PalaciosM (LC)132150-18020River Plate14110846
20Sandro TonaliDM, M (C)125150-18019Brescia43298481
21Pietro PellegriST (C)114150-18018AS Monaco43344129
22Mohamed IhattarenAM (RLC)122150-18017PSV Eindhoven37073834
23Fabio SilvaST (C)118150-18017FC Porto83228802
24Thiago AlmadaAM (LC), ST (C)120150-18018Velez Sarsfield14172522
25Myron BoaduAM (RL, ST (C)125150-18018AZ Alkmaar37060951
26Ryan GravenberchDM, M (C), AM (LC)115150-18017AFC Ajax37071197
27Sergio GomezM/AM (LC)120150-18018Borussia Dortmund67258414
28Mason GreenwoodAM (R), ST (C)122150-18017Manchester United28121564
29Naci UnuvarM (C), AM (LC)90150-18016AFC Ajax37079279
30Yari VerschaerenM (C), AM (RLC)124150-18018RSC Anderlecht18105040
31Emanuel VignatoAM (RC)109150-18018Chievo Verona43296186
32Amine GouiriAM (L), ST (C)118150-18019Lyon48044735
33Jonathan DavidAM (RLC), ST (C)124150-18019Gent18108540
34Hamed Junior TraoreDM, M (C), AM (RC)136150-18019Empoli43317933
35Jude BellinghamM (C), AM (RLC)112150-18016Birmingham City29232937
36Diego LainezAM (RL)124150-18019Real Hispalis51063318
37Troy ParrottST (C)107150-18017Tottenham Hotspur28122837
38PedriM (C), AM (RLC)105150-18016Barcelona67293495
39Ilaix MoribaDM, M/AM (C)105150-18016Barcelona B67279753
40ReinierAM (C)110150-18017FLA Idrettslag19354888
41Hannibal MajbriM/AM (C)92150-18016Manchester United49056369
42Sebastiano EspositoST (C)110150-18017Inter Milan43425069
43Rayan CherkiAM (RLC), ST (C)92150-18015Lyon49056279
44Alessio RiccardiM/AM (C)108150-18018AS Roma43372027
45Nicolo ArminiD (LC)99150-18018SS Lazio43373238
46Frenkie de JongD (C), DM, M (C)16017822Barcelona37047745
47Jadon SanchoM/AM (RL)15017819Borussia Dortmund28108490
48Leroy SaneM/AM (RL)16717723Manchester City91138280
49=Gabriel JesusAM (RL), ST (C)15617522Manchester City19220266
49=Leon BaileyM/AM (RL)15117521Bayer 04 Leverkusen18083491
49=Phil FodenM/AM (C)14017519Manchester City28108494
49=ArthurDM, M/AM (C)15917522Barcelona19259600
49=Joao FelixAM (RLC), ST (C)14917519Atletico Madrid83169822
49=Lautaro MartinezST (C)15417521Inter Milan14110660
50Federico ChiesaM (R), AM (RL)15417321ACF Fiorentina43161651

How to find the best wonderkids?

Finding the best wonderkids is not that difficult. You can sit back and keep upgrading your club. The scout team will automatically provide you the information about high potential wonderkids. A number of scouts can be assigned in the various countries.

Not only that, before picking any players make sure to check their stats and abilities. These key factors are highly important. The players who are doing good in their matches can also be the players to watch.

For those who don’t want to waste time, you can find thousands of articles on the web. The youtube is also full about the wonderkids. If you have money to spend then you can buy the in-game editor too. The game is available on Steam.

That’s all for today. Keep in touch with us. We are going to add all the latest information about the football manager 20.