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How to Share memory in Facebook?

Facebook the leading social network of the time updates many features to be stable by itself and to stop other new networking sites to pull visitors. Its updating on its looks design and everything possible to be better make better. The Facebook tool “On This Day” works fine. It helps us to remember our past memory. I Think its a Great tool for flash back. Yes it feels happy to view old memory find yourself what the happiness will be on finding old memory exactly that day. In Previous Years. Yes 1 years ago, 2 years ago, 5 Years ago Today. what if you know that two years ago you ware on Lekhanth. Oh that was really exacting day. it makes some kind of happiness or joy over you. so How to Share memory in Facebook?

So how to share your memory of the day in facebook? Today i am here to sow you how to share your past memory on your profile. In general case you are noticed that you had a memory from past year on that day. But in some case or if you had turned off that settings you wont get the notification on your notification tab.

Its easy to share Just Visit
You will see Posts Listed as

Select the memory you want to share and Click Share Button Just below the posts.
Thats all.

(Your Name) shared a memory from (The Date).
2 Years Ago Today
It had updated it too you will see something with some graphical attraction on that post. Ok enjoy finding your old memory and sharing those memory with your followers and friends. Have a nice day.

I really like this feature as on the image above i shared i feel myself happy remembering that days with my friends on begnas lake that was really happy day. How to Share memory in Facebook?

Article written by: Sagar Devkota

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