What is encrypted Google encrypted.google.com

Google lunched encrypted search for over a years. encrypted search using protect searches from being snooped or intercepted while traversing the Internet. Search from encrypted are not seen by other ever the site who receive the click. Today we will discuss about what is encrypted google and why to use encrypted google while searching or it would be better mentioning how to search google securely without knowing other what you had searched. So What is encrypted Google encrypted.google.com First lets know about Encryption.


encryption is the process of encoding messages or information that only the authorized gain access of the message or information. Encryption does not of itself prevent interference, but denies the message content to the interceptor. A data or information is encrypted using an encryption algorithm, generate encryption key. The data is is read only if decrypted with that key. The purpose of encryption is to ensure that only somebody who is not authorized to access data (e.g. a text message or a file), will not be able to read it.


HTTP is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the Internet. HTTPS consists of communication over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Secure Sockets Layer. So all the sites with https are encrypted.  It provides encryption of communications between a client and server which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. HTTPS connections were primarily used for electronic payment transactions, e-mail and for sensitive transactions . In the late 2000s and early 2010s, HTTPS began to see widespread use for protecting page authenticity on all types of websites.

Encrypted Google

True Speaking I had not used encrypted google till today. But Today when checking my site status i get to know my site is getting visits from encrypted google. And do you know if you search from default google with certain keywords site owner know about that search query. And if you Search using https://encrypted.google.com and click in a site. if the site use http they have no idea where the click comes from. And if the Site is using https site admins know that the click is coming from Google but have no idea about the search query. So if you want to protect your search query from site owners too encrypted google is best option. However encrypted google is not totally protected as Google always knows about it. Google can be trusted not to abuse the data it has access to. Google encrypted search are not archived in history and won’t appear in the autofill during a subsequent search.

Encrypted.google.com has gone away

Google had turn off encrypted.google.com on April 30, 2018. When you visit encrypted.google.com, you’ll be directed to www.google.com. Now every browsers supports https and you will be automatically redirected to https of google.com so, every search are encrypted and send to the server.

Google created encrypted.google.com to give users a way to securely search the internet. Now, all Google products and most newer browsers, like Chrome, automatically use HTTPS connections.