Google AdSense with new Auto ads

Google Adsense launched new type of ads, which use machine learning which will decide itself where to place the ads at optimal times. Which will improve the revenue earning and with good... Read more »

How to Create Google Brand Account

Google brand account is a account for your brand. It is similar or generally called as Google plus page. Yep! Google plus page is a google brand account. A brand page is... Read more »

Automatic Signed-out from Google Accounts

Today Some of the google accounts were automatically logout from the devices. Like if your account is logged in on Google Chrome or any other device like mobile devices and other. Google... Read more »

AdSense Plugin for WordPress Supports No More

The AdSense Plugin for WordPress is going away. Google announce of deprecating the AdSense Plugin for WordPress in May, 2017.According to the google “After reviewing the AdSense Plugin for WordPress, we’ve decided... Read more »

How to use Google Custom Search in Website

Hello webmaster how is your site doing? Today we are here to guide you on using google custom search engine in your website. Google Custom search was lunched on October 23, 2016.... Read more »

What is encrypted Google

Google lunched encrypted search for over a years. encrypted search using protect searches from being snooped or intercepted while traversing the Internet. Search from encrypted are not seen by other ever the site who... Read more »