100 Doors Full Level Walkthrough Solution Answers

Here are all the Solutions For Android Game 100 Doors Full. This is a unique puzzle game. It seems  no two levels are the same – each one has a slight twist and variable element which teases your brain cells. Every level is different.

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Perhaps the best thing is implementation of all the phone’s features.  Right on the outset you’ll need to shake and tilt the phone to trigger the phone’s accelerometer.  Most games don’t actually make use of these benefits, so it’s great to see a game which forces players to think outside the box and break out of their normal playing habits. Enjoy the 100 Doors Full.


Level Solutions
Level 1 Had not you used Lift
Level 2 Touch the Picture And Pick the Key Open the Door
Level 3 First one and The Second one
Level 4 Pick the Fire Drop it on the woods and Tilt your phone and make the train just below the cap view as on the door till The Indicater shows full
Level 5 Slide the door. Pick the Fish Feed the Bear.
Level 6 Together. Move Both Blue and Red up.
Level 7 Shake your Phone. To overturn stone lode. Pick The Stone. Hit the red handle.
Level 8 Pull Both Down
Level 9 Yes a difficult one. Tap On those color just according it arranged in the Rainbow.
Level 10 Pick the Stone. Broke the glass window. Pick a axe Cut the wire. Tap Left one for L and Right one for R Like Left right right LLRLR.
Level 11 Pick the buket Put it just before the water tap. Pick the bucket again Distroy the fire
Level 12 Pick all(6) Red white stick and bit him (Guard)
Level 13 Clear the Bread. (Level 59 Unlocked)
Level 14 Pick th Bulb. Fixed it on the holder. On the Switch. Off the switch on again and again ON.
Level 15 Pick the Cutter on the floor Cut the chain. Turn mobile Upside Down Shake that’s all.
Level 16 The Stone is Hanged Downward. Rotate mobile and make it rotate. On 2-3 Rotation The Red handle Goes Up.
Level 17 RGB: Fill color According RGB Through Row.
Level 18 Upside down your mobile. Touch the Handle. Tilt and Bring to Next and touch the handle.
Level 19 OPEN THE DOOR is the Code. Touch words Respectively.
Level 20 I dont know But click that image on side as shown in the centre. (dont miss 4 time)
Level 21 move the Female statu on Left Then OX then Lion The Bimbalance.
Level 22 Pick the Axe. Cut down the tree. Lode it on Truck.
Level 23 12133212333 For 1 Touch First for 2 Second for three touch third. You will find the key. Pick the Key Open the door.
Level 24 Mix Water and Fire. Then That new created with Sky. The New With Fire. The New With Fire Again The new created key with water. Touch the key.
Level 25 Move those to next as same. larger wont go up of smaller one.
Level 26 Touch that Open (not Oqen) its on top line. center.
Level 27 Do it Fast. Touch every camara off fast and pick The Key. Use key and tap in door.
Level 28 Arrange the Image.
Level 29 Shake your Mobile. Touch the bell Pick up the sowre. Use that to cut the Guard.
Level 30 Pick the sawal light all the candle. Pick the sawal and bit him. Pick the key Open the door.
Level 31 Sake your mobile pick those woods Arrange them on the wheel. Tab the wheel.
Level 32  Think of Coordinate X coordinate Y Coordinate and tap this Much time. For 2 5 3 Tap (2,5) Three Time (ie. The Last one on left side of number side.)
Level 33 Pick the Bucket. spill the water on the floor Tap the floor 3-4 time tilt your Phone. You will get the key pick it and open the door.
Level 34 1 – for one tip 2 for two tips. Touch and arrange. face the pointed end to the the side as no 1 point for its color.
Level 35 Pick the broom Clear all the spider wave.
Level 36 19 22 15 11
Level 37 Green Grass. Tap herbivore animals.
Level 38 Dont Care the number on the top. Press the green botton on each side the lines on the door side Fill battery in left and lap 3 times move battery right tap it 5 time then to lode battery left and tap middle botton 4 times the last botton 2 times and lode battery right and tap the bottom button 6 times.
Level 39 Fill the color according the color of card symbol. left white for blank. Fill RED White Red on Left Red Black Black  on right.
Level 40 There are 5 board on floor touch the colors as mention. Like select top left red then left white for first board. for third bord bottom red of left both white and top red of right.
Level 41 First square is made already. Now remove 4 blocks of second square. and two unused on left side.
Level 42 Tap the weapons in order of power: 4th right, 4th left, 3rd left, 5th left, 2nd right, 1st right, 1st left, 3rd right, 5th right, 2nd left
Level 43 Just change the color Leftside to right
Level 44 You can move the Moving object tilting phone upside sown. and making the tip touch(the Red) Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right, Top left without distrub
Level 45 Easy one. Start from middle left go towards right and round all from middle bottom go to right middle then go left midle then back to bottom midle center and top.
Level 46 Arrange and make flow current in all black part.
Level 47 Tap the pieces that aren’t moving correctly when you press START. C8, H8, E4, E7, G1 You can press Start many time you need.
Level 48 Drop the boll on the correct hole tilt your phone.
Level 49 Just tap in floor as tapped in the screen.
Level 50 Tap objects around room in order: moon, lamp, tree, hat, sky, alien
Level 51 Just tap the Buttons(1,2,3) and the bed buttons in every dots. 12.231.123 Then The Up arrow.
Level 52 Tap objects in this order: fire, banana, banana, coconut, coconut
Level 53 Those White are a like wind. For bottem make both flag apart and other on wind direction.
Level 54 For first left Select Red Red up then arrange same color. just as same color pull same. On right make red and blue up make next start’s top color as above’s bottom.
Level 55 Tap animals based on what fears what: Elephant Mouse Cat Dog Snake Bird
Level 56 Plug in all both left and right top and bottom. (Except middle one)
Level 57 Tap switches in order shown by arrows: Top left, Bottom right, Top right, Bottom left
Level 58 (Already Passed)
Level 59 For X add red only. For Y Add Blue only. 2217
Level 60 Top left, Middle right, buttom Right.
Level 61 Use the Horse and fill all with Green color.
Level 62 1215 What is time?
Level 63 Type Password. Just type 1 as much words on Password
Level 64 KEY Make those words.
Level 65 Pick the ballon and fit it on the air pumper pump the air
Level 66 Tap pictures based on where they are found in the world from low to high: fish, person, ship, bird, plane, moon
Level 67 Rotate your mobile two direction.
Level 68 15+19 = 10:10. Drag hands of clock to show 10:10
Level 69 E I O S E (31053)
Level 70 36 and press red botton
Level 71 Red are four So tap on 4. yellow is 0 so tap in 0 grean is 5 so tap in 5 blue are 3  so tap in 3
Level 72 395826
Level 73 Tap top left *3, middle left *1, bottem left *3,middle left *1, top left *2, right top *2, middle left *1, top left *2, bottem right *1.
Level 74 Tap in order of food chain: Grass, Grasshopper, Mouse, Snake, Bird, Hawk
Level 75 Change names to match teenage mutant ninja turtles: michelangelo, raffaello, donatello, leonardo
Level 76 Count triangles in each figure: 9012
Level 77 582112
Level 78 Figure out order by looking at dots on mushrooms, and height of each mushroom for 8426
Level 79 Tap the buttons: top left, top right, and secret button to right of 4th green button
Level 80 Check the Update Below
Level 81 85325
Level 82 Fruits Ninja Cut all those Fruits.
Level 83 Tap the bird. pick the feather. Drop it into the pot. Take bug and put into pot. Take mushroom and put into pot. Take flying bug and put into pot. Take berries and put into pot. Take key.
Level 84 Tap midle left, midle right, top left, buttom right, top right, bottom Left.
Level 85 Move your fingure over the symbol like up down for first.
Level 86 Tap the door and move all the red into it
Level 87 Tap the button as color from Right to top. GRRGRGRGGR.
Level 88 Just touch the green mail box. If not (drag the color gift box to the correct mailbox)
Level 89 swipe the door following the direction from left side to right side : down left up left right up up down
Level 90 grey – red – blue – green (First Arrow only then line+1, +2 )  And The circle with green at last.
Level 91 Move the key Pussing with box. to left side. Use the key and open the door
Level 92 Tap the hen. tap the sack. tap the egg tap the key open the door
Level 93 Take the blue object and drop it on well(fire) Pick the new object place it on the place of the previous blue object. Pick the hamber and bit it. Pick the sword and cut down the door.
Level 94 Shake the phone swipe your finger to make the full on right hole
Level 95 get the fire extinguisher and put it back. Touch the red button on top middle. Tilt your phone and make the fire extinguisher hit all 4 switch.
Level 96 Just Play First Protect from Stones and shoots the enemyes,
Level 97 Shake your Phone and tilt Right Pick Stone and hit it on the pipe. Pick the pipe and hit the solder.
Level 98 tap the real planet size from small to big. Counting Earth on 4( Tap as 6 5 4 2 3 1)
Level 99 tap the cutting board and kill The cockroach.
Level 100 Get the stones and place it on the hole of that size. A stone is on Top side of ? signal.

Level 80:

Change those symbols as above. 100 Doors Full Level Walkthrough Solution Answers.
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