Facebook Advertisement Remove

Some time while you are going through Newsfeed in facebook you will get some advertisement as a Sponsored. Do you know you have control over those advertisement? Yes you can control those... Read more »

Zone Records what? DNS Management

Domain Name Server (System), an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Because domain names are alphabetic, they’re easier to remember for people. The Internet, computers or machines however, is really... Read more »

Nepali Comedy Bhadragol this week 2016

Bhadragol is a popular Nepali comedy serial with interesting characters Jigri Bro, Bale, Cockroach, Jayante, Pade and others. Subash Karki who is playing as Bilase in the serial is the producer of... Read more »

Strong Password and More for Secure Online

Many friends ask how to stay safe on online? Here is a guide to help you stay safe on web. Internet provides so much Opportinuties to Expost, Create, Connect, Support, Communicate and  Collaborate.... Read more »

Auto Publish your post in Social Network

You and i all know that the more impression the more visit the more visit the more fans the more earning too so today I am here with a guide for you... Read more »