Strong Password and More for Secure Online

Many friends ask how to stay safe on online? Here is a guide to help you stay safe on web. Internet provides so much Opportinuties to Expost, Create, Connect, Support, Communicate and  Collaborate. For using best of the internet you must be Safe and Secure on online. The web can be a great place, but not everyone online has good intentions. Strong Password and More for Secure Online

Firstly Make a strong Password Dont give a chance to try to hack into your account. For Strong Password Make a combination of Letters (both Capital and small) Numbers Characters. Make a password easy for you to remember and impossible to guess for other. Never use a password same as a website to other websites. Check your Passwords and Change Time and Again.

Use 2 Step Verification as Avilable or Possible. It may take some delay on getting SMS. But it make your account more Secure. Facebook Gmail have 2 step Verification. Your strong password will be enough but it make Secure enough. Never make a password that other friends can Guess.

Make your Computer Secure enough. Dont install any software without verified publisher. Install a trusted Antivirus Software. Scan your PC Regularly for Virus and malware software.

There are different kinds of cyber crime. A criminal might try to gain access to your information – like password, banking details and your data in your pc. They might do this by installing malware software on your computer tricking you to give the information they trying to capture. Criminals may also try to get information from you from many Emails giving different Offers. if you feels easy yourself using auto fill, Password and username storing on browser on the browsers stop using it from now. however it makes easier to use. remember it will be easier to gain access to those data.

Remember Sing out is Must important then Sign in. Never forget to Sign out if you are using Public devices to access your account. Make different email for your Work and Different for fun and extra activities on Online. Strong Password and More for Secure Online