Brain It On Full Level Solution Hints

Orbital Nine’s physics-based game Brain It On. This game require a lot of patience, depending on how good you are at figuring out these types of physics puzzles. A better game Draw Object to solve the game. And a better ranking system each star for Solving, Solving in Certain time and Solving with Certain no of drawing objects togather 3 star in a level. Also Medals for solving fast with less no of drawing object then required. Here you Will Get all Brain It On Full Level Solution Hints

Brain It On! also has a very fair monetization system. The game is 100% free to download and play. Five levels are unlocked at a time. You need to complete four of the five to unlock the next five.

We will be Updating all Levels… Your Hints will also be helpfull..
These Hints Are on Brain it on! 1.0.34 (some levels may be here and there as different version)

Level Solutions(Hints)
Level 1 Just make any shape.
Level 2 make a line from right side that it will slide and hit the ball to move towards left wall.
Level 3 Make something in right side
Level 4 Make a hook and a heavy lode outside
Level 5 Make a line from left that can slide and hit the bills so that all three balls stars moving when 3 ball fall into the box just make a line to stop next ball
Level 6 Make a horizontal line with a slop over big box and a dot to that will fell in the small box
Level 7 Make a line Curved towards right that it will fall and one end will be in the glass
Level 8 Draw all over the ball and make a line with a heavy lode
Level 9 Drop a object so it will stuck on one side and overturn the bowl
Level 10 hold the cap and make a long line with a heavy lode on top
Level 11 Make a line that will pull one pole of the magnet towards next
Level 12 Make a straight line in between them and a heavy lode on the top
Level 13 Make a hook and a lode on top. hook will pull the top and lode will push the stand.
Level 14 make a line on right side and a lode in left side with a stand in middle. so to balance the lode on right the left side will go up to touch the red
Level 15 Make a line with a lode on top so that it will hit the ball hardly that ball will move on ground before the bilding fall down
Level 16 Make a line so that it will move through drawn line to next step and from in the same line in next step. make a bit slopy.
To make more Star you can play using lower number of shapes and next time lower time as possible. Try Doing in lower time as well as lower number of shapes. Help to Gain Medals.
Level 17 balance it
Level 18 Make two lines in between those both blue and red and a heavy lode on the top
Level 19 Make sth that will hit both move down and it will fall in one side and hit a ball towards next.
Level 20 Make a half circle so the jar will roll and the ball comes out.
Level 21 make a small ball (just a touch) that will hit on left side of the dot block in buttom right
Level 22 Rap all the square a line towards up and make a lode in top. it will lift it
Level 23 make a hammer like. A line and lode on top that the lode will hit the ball to fall in the smal yellow box
Level 24 Catch all the top side of the cup and a lode by a line towards right. so the cup will open towards left.
Level 25 make a half curve towards right with a little lode on top. so it will move on.
Level 26 Make a large lode fall from top and hit square and trangle down and dot will fall rolling with the lode
Level 27 Hit The ball from left with a lode falling from up. It will hit and a ball will move and stucked in the – make a line in between lode and ball and a lode on top, force the ball to move towards right.
Level 28 A verticle line with lode on right side touching the ball on top so the line will fall right side pushing the ball too
Level 29 Hard to describe Easy to Watch. Lever Function.
Level 30 Male a curve line from left and other end to right so that it will push the blue ball. As soon as the ball fall make a line towards the box.
Level 31 make a hotizontal line upside both ball and a lode in middle so it will pull the balls downwards.
Level 32 Make a line with lode on left so it will fall left with the ball and make next line with lode on right will push ball towards right when the line fall towards right
Level 33  Make a big shape, hit it from the top so that it will move right side only breaking last two stick of the building and hit the right side.
Level 34  Just make it fall down.
Level 35  You need to fill all. Check it :
Level 36 Make a box below the line so it will stop falling farther then hit right end with a large object so that right end tilt down ball on the left goes up.
Level 37 Make a small object on the tallest bar so that it will fall towards right including right side bar. Then hit with a large object from top to the ball so it will goes right side.
Level 38 Make small dot on opening of vase so it will fall and hit with a large object on the upper part making the vase upside down so with the fore the ball will came out.
Level 39
Level 40
Level 41 Make a hammer with a hook so hooked part make it fix on and hammered part moves from right and hit ball to make it touch left.
Level 42  Make a ‘L’ shaped facing down object in such a way that one end will reached the jumping object first and next end will be on the box.
Level 43  Make an umbrella shaped object having base on one of the end of the box so it will fall and ball goes out.
Level 44  Make triangular shape object on the left being lower part on the right. Let it fall ball moves through the inclined and reaches to the box.
Level 45  Hit the yellow ball with a shape so that ball falls towards left make a path for ball to go on yellow box where as the shape falls towards right hitting the blue box and make a path to reach it on blue box.
Level 46
Level 47  Make the ball move towards right and make a path towards right don’t left the screen until it reaches there.
Level 48  Hook the upper box in one end. So the box will fall stops it with a line making a way for the ball to the box to fall on next one.
Level 49  Make a hook like structure with heavy on other end. So that hook will pull the ball and push it towards right when they hit yellow jumping object.
Level 50  Make a box over that a line with heavyweight on the right side just release it when object tends to fall it will hit bar any goes on the box.


Brain It On Full Level Solution Hints
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