About us

Time and Update was first established on 2013 AD as a blogspot site by Amrit Devkota. Then by 2014 AD we use costume site www.amritdevkota.com.np for the same blogspot site and start blogging being We two Brothers [Devkota sagar] . We try to use some free hosting sites to use wordpress. but back to blogger and use it till 2016 till We First register our dot com site as This [Timeandupdate.com] Which was planned much before.  We Register this site on April 1, 2016. Then after 10- 15 Days we Lunch our Time and Update Shifting all the Posts from Older site [Amrit – Just a another — www.amritdevkota.com.np] and Named it [Time and Update – Get Updated]   On the 1st of Baishakh 2073 BS.
We are here to Help you You can contact us. Being On a Beautiful city Of Nepal Pokhara We are Trying to Share all the Knowledge we know Specially in The Computer and Internet Field. And sometime Local News and educational news tool Thats all.