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Gmail Tricks Every One Should Know

Hello all most of all users use gmail for email access. And most of all have google account. Google account is automatically created while you start using gmail. Gmail is a free mail service provided by google. Every google account has 15 GB storage for free. among them you can use that for mail, google

Fast access to Gmail gmail tip

Gmail and slow connections. Gmail default mail page is great it cover all the needs that need for any email service providing tips. But for slow connection or fast access to gmail default gmail service page is quite slow. Google gives 15 GB of storage which is shared for your all google account. Today we will

. (Dots) Have No Meaning in Gmail

Hello friends after very long i am here with you to inform you that the dots in the email address of your account has no meaning at all. Dots Have No Meaning in Gmail Yes is similar to or or is same. we can receive email no matter how much dots Use in

Candy Crush Saga Level 1430 Last one

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that involves making matches of 3 or more colored candy pieces. Match 4 in a line to make a special power. 5 candy in a line to make a very special power and in L shape to make another power. Players swap candy pieces either horizontally and vertically,

Custom URL/Username for Your Google + Profile

Hi friends after long time i am back with a tutorial showing how to get username for your google + profile. This post is quite similar with our previous article Custom URL/Username for Your Facebook. All the things are same like username make you to remember your profile address easy, easy to find and Standard obviously. Custom URL/Username