Set up 2 Step Verification Google Facebook

Hello Readers Today I am here with a guide to help you to set up 2 step verification in your Google and Facebook account. As I posted a post about Secure Online as in the post here is a guide to set up 2 step verification. 2-Step Verification 2FA is a technology patented in 1984. that provides identification of users by means of the combination of two different components. These components is something like Password and other may be something that the user knows, something that the user possesses or something that user will get when needed. Set up 2 Step Verification Google Facebook

2 Step Verification in Facebook:
Facebook Terms it as Login Approval. You will use your mobile as a second layer of your security. To set up Follow the following link.

Time and Update was Amrit before not to confuse with this picture.
Click in edit Next to Login Approvals.
Then Click Get Started. You will be asked for selection mobile device and and other Option. So that you will get Code Via SMS if you select mobile device you need to enable data on the mobile and get the code there(in facebook App) Click Next
you will get Sms or if you had not added any mobile numbers you will be redirected to mobile number adding process in Profile setting.
You need to Enter the Password and conform it.

Google Account:
To set 2 step verification in your Google follow the following link

Go to Signing in to google Section And Click in the Arrow Next to 2- Step Verification.
Click in Start Setup>> you need to reenter the password.
There are four Steps First enter the mobile number in which you want to get Code Via SMS. Then click in Send Code you can select Call me too.
SMS will be sent to your mobile no. Enter the code and click in Verify.
If that device is your personal device check mark in the box so code will be not asked while login.
Then Click in Conform.
If you are getting code delay you can use Google Official App Google Authurentication.

Set up 2 Step Verification Google Facebook