Engineering in Nepal, A Bachelor’s Degree

Engineering is the branch of science and technology to find the problem and solve the problem. Engineering concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. Traditionally, engineering is... Read more »

Courses to Complete During Software Engineering

Here you will get some course that you should complete during your Software Engineering. This list is prepared initially for my To do List to be completed with in the Software Engineering.... Read more »
Bachelor of Software Engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Lets first figure out what Engineering is, then we will go to Software Engineering and then Bachelor of Software Engineering. Engineering is the branch of science and technology to find the problem and... Read more »

Study Abroad from Nepal

Study abroad is one of the best option for students who want to study in foreign universities with a world class education or the programs those are not available on his/her own... Read more »

Pokhara University Scholarship Everything you need to know

Pokhara University (PU or PoU ) was established in 1996 as Nepal’s fifth university. PU was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is... Read more »

Online Education Get Educated Start Today

Today I am going to talk about Online Learning. Online Learning is the process through which you can Learn through the internet. The only thing you are in need of is the... Read more »

Get Started with Git Version Control System

Hello everybody today we will discuss about Git  a distributed Version Control System. Git is a tool to manage your source code history. Revision Control System or also source code management (SCM) . Git was initiated... Read more »

Get Shaw Academy Premium Membership For Free from NTC

Get free Shaw Academy Premium Membership with Nepal Telecom. Shaw Academy is one of the internet’s most new and mysterious academies. Now with Nepal Telecom you are offered Online courses for free.... Read more »
BScCSIT In Prithivi Narayan (PN) Campus (Image)

BScCSIT In Prithivi Narayan (PN) Campus Pokhara

Prithivi Narayan (PN) campus, Pokhara with 50 Years of its history is the one of the oldest and largest campus of Tribhuwan University which was founded on 1 September 1960 (17 Bhadra... Read more »

B. Sc. CSIT Entrance Result 2073 Published

Hello friends B. Sc. CSIT Entrance Result 2073 has been Published on 12th of Ashwin (Today). B. Sc. CSIT Entrance Result 2073 Published Pending Results for 2073 Are also Published on Ashwin 26. If... Read more »