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Pokhara University Scholarship Everything you need to know

Pokhara University (PU or PoU ) was established in 1996 as Nepal’s fifth university. PU was formed as part of the government’s policy for improved access to higher education. The prime minister is the university chancellor and the minister for education is the pro-chancellor. This university uses a semester system. All bachelor’s degrees are of four years and master’s degrees are of two years. M. Phil degree is of one and half years (three semesters). There are four faculty Sciences and Technology, Management Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences and Health Sciences. Here is article Pokhara University Scholarship Everything you need to know


Pokhara University is located at Khudi-Dhungepatan, Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City. Which is eastern part of Pokhara city. At the center of the lekhnath city. Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake are within walking distance from the central office & collage. School of Engineering, School of Health & Allied Sciences, The School of Business and The School of Development and Social Engineering are constituent schools located at the some place. Those collages are considered as central college. They are located a distance inside of the highway with good facility of transportation. Peaceful environment, Natural beauty, Wide play ground are the key features at center college.

Affiliated Colleges and Constituent Schools

As already mentioned School of Engineering, School of Health & Allied Sciences, The School of Business and The School of Development and Social Engineering are the constituent schools.

There are 57 academic institutions under its affiliation with Bachelor, Master, M.Phil and PhD. degrees programs.

Admission Process

To get admission for bachelor program in Pokhara university you should attend the entrance exam which would be held on the center college. But to get admission on the affiliated college you should attend the entrance exam of the particular college you want to study. Which have no control of papers and anything from center college. (It’s not similar as IOE). 20 percent of approved quota of students in constituent college are reserved for Scholarship Students. Where as 5 percent of approved quota of students in affiliated Colleges are reserved for Scholarship Students. During 2073 10% of total students in affiliated Colleges were reserved for Scholarship student. I am not sure if it is back to 5 %. But the website on Pokhara university shows so.


Pokhara University, aiming at making higher education accessible to the underprivileged section of society, provides scholarships to 5 percent of approved quota of students in affiliated Colleges and 20 percent in constituent schools. Only the graduates from government schools or colleges are eligible to apply for scholarships and financial supports. The PU Scholarship Selection Examination decides to award scholarships based on applicants’ credentials, economic background, examination followed by interview.

The above message was from Pokhara university website. The only thing you need to apply for Pokhara university is your SEE (Formal SLC) should be from government schools.

There is reservations too


You should get certificate from the appropriate office / committee. During the form formation most of the student are confused on this section. Let us consider you are from Lekhnath and you want the reservation from lekhnath quota. You need letter from Lekhnath Municipality that you are the inheritance of Lekhnath.

And all mentioned above quota needs certificate ( letter from the respective government office). Here are the documents that your need during filling the form:-

Required Docs

You need a certificate from School District education Office –> which inform that your school is a governmental school. And a letter from VDC or Municipality office –> informing your education is good and your family need financial support for higher education. You can make some thing like your school is a governmental school in the letter from VDC or Municipality office so you could skip the District education office process.

You can submit the transcipit and certificate of class 12 after you are selected. but you should Include all other documents including the character certificate from +2. Pokhara University Scholarship Everything you need to know . Here is everything you need to know about Scholarship in Pokhara university.

Important links:-

Pokhara University (Official website of Pokhara University)
Scholarship (Link to download all Forms and Notices about Scholarship)

If you are confused in any Form and document required information you can contact 061 561046.

Article written by: Sagar Devkota

This is Sagar Devkota Co-Founder of Time and Update. I write about Online Earning Blogging web hosting and domain registration tutorials local technical news and some time about Cryptocurrency mainly Bitcoin. I also write about Git, Github, C, Django, Linux (ubuntu), Cloud Server and what ever not only what I know but also what I heard.

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