Gmail Phishing Attack Stay Secure Protect Yourself

It has been found that attackers are targeting google users with Phishing sites. Over the past few weeks there have been reports of experienced technical users being hit by this. this phishing technique is fooling internet users into giving hackers access to their Gmail accounts. Your email is your identity. If some other get access to your email they can control full access of your google account. So be secure on yourself and get stay safe from such attacks. Gmail Phishing Attack Stay Secure Protect Yourself Lets know about phishing first.

Phishing (spoofed) Sites

This is the most common way people get access to your account. Those sites looks like a real site and if you login through this password they can get your account details. It has been found that “A new highly effective phishing technique targeting Gmail and other services has been gaining popularity during the past year among attackers. Over the past few weeks there have been reports of experienced technical users being hit by this.”

Protect Yourself Against this Phishing Attack

The best way to be safe from these kind of attacks is to check the browsers whenever signing to your online account. Always check that there is Secure connection while login to your account. To login to any google products you should login in So always be sure that there is the same address to login. Remember https:// and Secure green login signal there

Here are image of some of those links used by attackers. Found online.

So always check the address bar while login to any account online be sure that you are the exact url that is expected and is https Secure if it was secured usually. Check my Post Be secure online. change password regularly Set Strong password.

What if they get access?

If they get access to your account they have full access to your emails. they can do whatever you can do with your account. They get access to all other google products as all google products have only one password. They can use your mail to attack others too. As you use your email with all other services including social media account and more they can even control them by using forget password method. Furthermore, if you don’t have two-factor authentication on your Google account (or any other account which contains sensitive information), treat this as a wake up call and set it up immediately. two-factor authentication may cannot be bullet proof But it provide extra security layer to your account Check it Set up 2 Step Verification Google Facebook.

If you feel that your account is accessed by other the best method is to change the password and set other security layer to protect as mentioned above two-factor authentication can be a secure your account.

Stay safe don’t login to without checking the address bar. Secure your online account with sensitive information.Gmail Phishing Attack Stay Secure Protect Yourself stay safe.