Group Video Chat in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging app that lets you connect instantly on with peoples through your phones. Facebook launched the iOS and Android versions of Facebook Messenger on August 9, 2011.... Read more »

Nepal Telecom with Dedicated Lease Connectivity Discounts

Nepal Telecom Internet service provides Leased Internet Connectivity over dedicated leased lines. Nepal telecom offers much discounts on every purchase. These discounts are processed from Magh 1st 2073. 1,800.00 is the least  per... Read more »

Li-Fi Technology Over Wi-Fi

Li-Fi technology is point-to-point light based communication  system running wireless communications travelling at very high speeds. Instead of radio wave it use light waves to deliver data. Li-Fi or Light Fidelity uses common household LED... Read more »

Facebook with message of events and festivals

Facebook the leading social network of today. Keeps updating and upgrading its services. Everyday people use facebook to connect with friends and family. Every news and new events are shared from facebook... Read more »

Fast access to Gmail gmail tip

Gmail and slow connections. Gmail default mail page is great it cover all the needs that need for any email service providing tips. But for slow connection or fast access to gmail... Read more »