Automatic Signed-out from Google Accounts

Today Some of the google accounts were automatically logout from the devices. Like if your account is logged in on Google Chrome or any other device like mobile devices and other. Google account was automatically logout. For myself was affected. According to google there was no problem but it happened during routine maintenance. Users can sigh in back from usual username and password. Automatic Signed-out from Google Accounts

My Google chrome account signed out. Ie. It displayed some error messages saying i need to login my account again. Also my account was logged out from my android device. There was notification on my device Account action required. I don’t know why it was happening. But there I got some updates on google support page. According that message Some of the accounts were signed out during the routine maintenance. If I was affected I should sin back in using Username and password. Here is the message from google.

During routine maintenance, a number of users were signed-out from their Google accounts. If you were affected, please sign back in using your usual username and password at If you can’t remember your password or can’t sign in for another reason, recover your account password here .

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If you are one of the user whose account was automatically signed-out. you need not to worry as it was not any security issue as by google it was just a routine maintenance. Automatic Signed-out from Google Accounts