Mysterious Bermuda Triangles

Mysterious Bermuda Triangles
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a popular name given to a triangle region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. In This small part of world, from some unexplained resions, more than 50 ships and 20 air crafts have vanished without leaving any trace at all, and over 1000 lives lost in past two hundred years. The area is bounded by Florida, Puerto Rico an d Bermuda. The triangle extended from 20°N to 40°N latitude and 55°w to 85°w, longitude covering an area of 3.900 sqkm.
I got a chance to know about Mysterious Bermuda Triangle in a school annual magazine. I was unknown about it till that day and thinks most of you are also unknown. Here you get about it and with the help of videos published by

Mysterious Bermuda Triangles
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In 1750, Spanish treasure ships disappeared and on 23rd March 1973 a 20 freighter, the ‘atma’ Vanished here but no trace of any wreackage, or of srvivors has ever been found. Even the planes were not spared. On 5th December 1945, five U.S. Avenger torpedo bombers, with plenty of fules took off on a routin training from Fast Lauderdale, Florida. The last Thing the control tower heard was a strange radio message, that instruments were going crazy. A sea palne sent in for search operations also vanished. A more recent loss has been tath of US nuclear Submarine, ‘Scorpio’ in May 1968 AD.

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There have been several attempts at unraveling the baffling mystery. Some scientists are of the opinio taht violent stroms or downward air ocean currrent destroyed these ships and planes, and The Ocean Current carried the wreckage away. Some other maintion that there is a strong magnetic fiend in this area which cuts off the radio signals. However, till today no one has been able to put forward a convincing answer.
Notable incidents:-
  1. Ellen Austin
  2. USS Cyclops
  3. Carroll A. Deering
  4. Flight 19
  5. Star Tiger and Star Ariel
  6. Douglas DC-3
  7. KC-135 Stratotankers
  8. Connemara IV
Scientists experiment to know what may be the cause these Mysterious accident some of theme are here:-
Sinking A Boat
Lightning Strike
Withstanding A Rogue Wave
Deep Into the Triangle
Article about Bermuda Triangle in wikipedia:- Click here.
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