Remove shortcut Virus

Every computer user afraid of Virus. A computer virus is a malware program that, when executed, replicates by inserting copies of itself into other computer programs, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive. All we want to make our computer free from virus. But we can’t be away from it. During transferring data, downloading files our computer is caught by Virus. Among them Shortcut Virus affect most of we all’s computer. Remove shortcut Virus

Remove shortcut Virus

A folder with Virus

Her njw0m.exe is Virus which make our orginal file hidden and only shortcut is shown.
Hidden files are make shown as following this process. For how to make Hidden file to be shown click here.
Now to remove Shortcut Virus completely fillow the following:-
>>>Right Click on it and Run it as Administrator. (not to afraid we are going to block that virus completely)
>>>Now Open Task Manage (ctrl+alt+del)

Remove shortcut Virus

virus in task manage.

Now Find That virus in Task Manage
>>>Right Click and go to Properties.
Remove shortcut Virus
In Properties.
>>>Select Security
>>>Select SYSTEM and click Edit
>>>Now click in Deny box. tick marks appears
>>>In the same way Select Amrit Devkota(your account name for your computer)
>>>click in Deny for all and click apply
>>>IN same way Select Administrators and do same and click Apply.
Remove shortcut Virus
Now go to Your Removable disk and select all Shortcut files and folders and delete it.
Remove shortcut Virus
>>>Click in view in top right corner
>>>Tick mark in Hidden items
>>>Select all file
>>>And Click in Show Selected items (top left in show/hide field)
Now a dialog box appears and there select in Apply change to the selected items. subfolders and files and click ok.
Now you are Free from Shortcut Virus it will never appears in your computer again.
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