Hide Files In .JPG image

Hide Files In .JPG image
 Do you wish to hide your files? Without knowing other. Today I am posting about hiding files in a image. You can hide any files, folders Anything in a .Jpg image. You need not to hide that image from other. Simply Your all files are hidden inside that image. You can send that image to others also but they can’t know you are hiding files inside that image. Although the size of your image be large. Follow following process to hide files in a .jpg image 
Remember you need Winrar installed in your Computer (Simply in your windows) >>> First Create a folder, let’s it’s name be Time. >>>Put all files you want to hide inside that folder. You can put folders also. Just drag files inside that folder “Time”.

Hide Files In .JPG image

dragging files to be hidden in folder

After you add all files to be hidden to the folder Right click in the folder.

Hide Files In .JPG image

right click in folder and click in time.rar

And Select Add to”time.rar” Remember it vary with name of folder’s name here folder name is time so here is time.rar You see Hide Files In .JPG image. Now move that time.rar in Drive C: or D: or E: here we are working on drive E: Now Open CMD (Command Prompt) Just by pressind windows key + X release both keys and press C. OR Simply Search CMD. Now Type following and hit enter in each E: ⇐Because we are working on E: drive copy /b amrit.jpg + time.rar hidden.jpg ⇐Because we are hidding files in amrit.jpg image and output image is hidden.jpg

Hide Files In .JPG image
Commands in Cmd

Here We are hiding folder named time into jpg image named amrit and the result Jpg image is hidden. View the above image properly(Right click in the image and click open image in new tab) amrit.jpg is 83 kb and hidden.jpg is 1,084 kb. It means all files inside the folder time are merged inside hidden.jpg. If you open hidden.jpg and amrit.jpg both are same image. Now your all files are hidden inside the image hidden.jpg you can send it to friends. and you can use files inside it any time you want.

So how To use those files?

To view those hidden file Open WinRAR. Just by double clicking in it. (there may be shortcut in desktop) If open it from C: >>> Program files >>> WinRAR >>> WinRAR.exe Hide Files In .JPG image 
Open Where the Hidden File is located. 
Hide Files In .JPG image 
Open The Hidden.jpg( Double click in it) 
Hide Files In .JPG image 
Inside there you find The Folder named time You can drag it out and use files. OR you can Open it again you see all hidden files. You may Like to Check
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