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History of Newspaper in Nepal

History of media goes parallel with the political history of any country. We can also witness similar situation in Nepalese context. The history of Nepali media has been immensely influenced by the Nepalese political history. History of Newspaper in Nepal
– The political history of Nepali journalism can be divided into seven phases.
· Traditional communication system
· Rana period
· Period after the establishment of democracy
· Panchayat period
· Period after the restoration of democracy
· Period during king’s regime ­
· Period following the success of People’s Movement-2063 BS onwardsToday the age of communication where people are aware of getting the information. People have right to get the right information in right time, thus for the fulfillment of people’s right over communication many media are playing vital role from their own position. The role of newspaper for providing the information is regarded the most important in the context of Nepal, where there are few numbers of media in exist. For Newspapers in Nepal Check Newspapers in Nepal.


First Gorkhapatra Homepage

First Gorkhapatra Homepage

Gorkhapatra the oldest and first newspaper of Nepal. There were no any other source of information(media) to inform the people and it was the period when general people are far from the reach of education ,the Ranas Autocratic system prevented for learning and right over communication. In that very situation Gorkhapatra play an important role to provide some sorts of knowledge and impart people to fight against the cruel and autocratic policy of Ranas, which was regarded as great rolled of the first and oldest paper “Gorkhapatra” in that time of Nepal and until today it’s continue in its aim to uniform Nepalese.
Estd.:- 14th of Baisakh,1958 B.S.
It was weekly newspaper at the beginning during its establishment.
Than twice a week from 29th Aswin, 2000B.S.(15th october, 1943)
Since 18th Feb. 1961 it has been published as a daily newspaper, the first national daily of Nepal.
After the arrival of Democracy more newspaper and media provide the services to the people to get the information to them.
The role played by the first newspaper Gorkhapatra is memorable and pleasant. The changes seen in the Nepalese during the days reflects the contribution of the Gorkhapatra in the sector of providing the truth and reliable news to the people, it’s working till today with the same faith and spirit.

Deep inside Gorkhaparta

Rana prime minister Padma Shumsher Rana had begun the publication of Newspaper. Gorkhapatra was first printed in the 1958Bs. After a power struggle with the Rana family, Chandra Shumsher again stopped printing the paper. In the interim, the paper had reached as far as Britain and France. After pressure from those countries, Chandra was forced to restart the publication. The first editor was Pandit Naradev Pandey. Upon resuming the publication, Chandra replaced Pandit with his brother-in-law, Jay Prithvi bahadur Singh, who was then the petty king of Bajhang. The paper was weekly and 1000 copies were printed.

The printing machine used was brought by first Rana Prime minister Jung Bhadur 50 years earlier during his tour to Britain. It was called V. and j. Fijjins Makers. The printing machine is still in a museum. It has a big figure of Vulture (Giddha) on top.

Gorkhapatra has been run under the government since the beginning days. All the government orders, notices, documents and advertisements were then published in the paper.

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