Make An Invisible Folder

Make An Invisible Folder

Want to hide things inside folder? If yes you are at right place today I am going to teach you how to make a invisible folder. Remember invisible folder is very different with hidden folders. Invisible folders are more effective that hidden folder as most people know to view the hidden folders. You can hide files inside this invisible folder. Remember nobody can view that folder, but you can as you know where that folder is.
So here we go.
>>>Right click in desktop and go to new and select folder. (to create folder to make it invisible. You can do it for already created folders also.)
Make An Invisible Folder
Let’s its name be Time. Now Right Click in the folder and Go to properties.
Make An Invisible Folder
Follow as above image.
>>>Click in Customize.
>>>Click in Change Icon…
A dialog box appears
>>>As in Image Slide The And select the blank icon for folder.
>>>Click in OK
>>>Click in Apply
Now the folder time’s Icon is Make An Invisible Folderblank.
This is how to make a folder Invisible. So Want to make the folder’s name also Blank. OR make A Unnamed Folder.
Follow following process. Right click in folder time and select rename. (or simply press F12)
During Renaming The folder Press Alt key and hold it. And type number 0160 holding Alt key. and release alt key and press enter. For more keys work holding alt key check Special Characters from Keyboard.

Now the folder is Invisible completely. You can use 999999999 or 255 in place of 0160 in above step.

Remember you should use Numbers Which are Right side of the keyboard not the numbers above letters in Keyboard.
To Make Many Folder Ie. more then one folder As above make folder go to rename and press and hold and press 0160 release Alt key and again Press and hold Alt key and type 0160 and hit enter. In same way Follow the process “pressing Alt holding and typing 0160” as many folder you need.
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