How to logout from Messenger (facebook)

Messenger is Generally used for call n chat with friends. I have 2 account so how can I logout one and login another?

Here is solution.

1st Method

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to apps.
  • Then under Downloaded or SD card there is messenger. (Definitely under all)
  • Then touch messenger
  • Then you see a option “Clear Data” touch on it and conform again if asked.

2nd Method

  • Download Apk Share.
  • Through the list of apps just touch messenger then on backup.
  • Now uninstall the messenger.
  • Then go to SD cart there is a folder named apkshare. Open it.
  • There is messenger .apk file install it.
  • Now login with next account.
The game is over.

Comment if any confusion or for feedback.