Set up email on an Android tablet or Computer

There is no problem on using Gmail, Yahoo or other famous email service provider. Its easy. Just opening the email app or software and on option “Add Account”. Then typing your email and password. Its all over.

Here you get how to setup your own email on those software or app. Like or

  • First of all Go to your domain registration control panel. Then register your email. (You get some information which need later like type of account and server address ie. Server link.) Note them down. Or just use printscreen.
  • Then go to Email app or software.
  • Then go to option as Add Account. If you already have a email there you need to select settings and then Add Account.
  • Enter your email and password then select next.
  • You are asked what type of account is that. POP3 or IMAP or Exchange. Select your type. 
  • Now enter your email password and server address. Let other options be default as before.
Set up email server
  • Then select next.
  • Now Again it ask for SMTP server. Enter all the data and select next.
Set up SMTP server
  • Now its over. Enjoy getting your email hosted on your own domain on your own device. (Some softwaer /app ask some additional option it Won’t be difficult to fill.
If any confusion don’t forget to comment Bellow.