Unlock Pattern incorrect 400 – 500 times.

Every time when you draw unlock pattern incorrectly you need to waite for 30 seconds to draw again so it takes times to draw wrong parten more then 20 or 30 times.

Today you get how to dram 500 or 600 time. but its complitely useless. but it can be used to make fun among friends.

unlock Pattern drawn wrongly.

First of all lock your phone.
Then draw incorrect pattern for 5 times then it shows you need to wait for 30 seconds. and on the bottom you see a option “Forgot Pattern”. Then click on that options and you asked to enter email and password. let them empty. and touch on login options for five times then it shows 10 time wrong patteen. then press ok and do the same process as many time you want.

The Game is over.

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