Custom URL/Username for Your Facebook

Facebook one of the Famous Social Networking Site. Users can Create Profiles, Pages, Groups For Contacting with each other, for clients and costumers through Pages as well as to gather for Fun and sharing ideas in similar ides in Group. After it with just that term you can find your profile from anywhere from any others account. just give it a try its not a big problem to do it. Custom URL/Username for Your Facebook

Group with Custom URL

As we Signup for Facebook Facebook makes a username for Users. (Remember it is not email address). Where is my Facebook Username?  When You visit your Profile on Browsers go through Address bar there is Username). The text next to .com/ is your User name. By Default it is not easy to remember (it is something like yourname.subname.65485253).
In The same way Facebook Pages and groups also have Username (URL). Page username is same like Profiles. Group Username is after .com/groups/(group url)

Why to Change Username?

  1. Because the Default is difficult to remember. and is Same
  2. Can easily share you profile with other as username) my Profile
  3. Easy to share with Friends and ask them to Like the page lol. Our Page Hit Like

Custom URL Username For Your Personal Profile.

Visit And Change Username of your Personal Profile. Its Only One Chance Think and Change.

Custom URL Username For Business / Fan Page.

Visit And Select The Facebook Page you want to make a costume URL for. From the Drop down Option next to Pages:

Custom URL Username For Facebook Group.

Visit your Group. Then Go to Settings.

Click in Customize Address.
Then enter Username and Click in Customize Address

Custom URL/Username for Your Facebook Dont Forget To Comment If Any help Needed.