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Which pill you’ll pick and why?

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Surya Konduru You should have not answered it bro. .. my mind is screaming seeing your answer. .. but This is an awesome question because I am in an opinion that my mistakes have made me more greater person so I don’t want to correct them going back in time instead I am happy with what I am today so my answer is blue one 

Which pill you’ll pick and why?

Which Pill should we pick up? Obiviously not the Red pill. Because Our every Mistakes make us more great and successful person. Yes if you make any mistakes you know you most not do that work again. you know what the results will be if you do that task. So you will be always be careful about your Every actions you need to take to do Some tasks. Yes there is no Point on Improving the Mistakes you had done on Past Because it make you the Person you are now.  You need to be happy at what you are now not What you were in the past.  The Blue pill will help you start a new Business or New idea so that there is no Point on selecting the Red pill insist of Blue one. 

I want your answers too. what you thing I know you will make a great points on discussion or your opinion will be a Great Answer. Give your opinion Give some points to verify this answer or just to make another Best opinion.
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