Things to remember While Ram Upgrading

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Are you planning to upgrade your ram? Yes you can. But Remember Greater is not always the Better.
For Upgrading ram your device should be capable of. If not it may damage your Videocard or Motherboard even. Check the following Things

First check your device details in the Manufacturer Websites. Check using your Device modal no. Check if you are can upgrade Ram or not. It is Generally mention in Features. If you can go through

Buy The ram which is compatible to your previous ram.

Most important things if you are using windows with 32 bits Remember you cant add Ram more then 4 GB. Check it yourself My Pc with 32 bits Os

So I need the Os of 64 bits to use the Ram I added After i boot 64 bit Os

The cause of Usable memory less then Installed memory is The Version of Os you using.

Things to remember While Ram Upgrading