Volunteering in Facebook Editor and Translate

Facebook one of the world largest private company. however it is a private company if you want to give some volunteering in facebook without getting any return you can do it. Do you have enough time online? Do you want to improve something about your Country / City ? Something? If yes you can just Work as Volunteer in Facebook.
Yes You can contribute to facebook to improve it. To improve facebook in your location. Facebook Editor and Translate Facebook Apps are best tool. Volunteering in Facebook Editor and Translate

Volunteering in Facebook Editor

Facebook Editor is a facebook app which allow you to suggest edit for places of your area (country) in facebook. You can edit the place detail to its Real details. Suggest information you believe to be true, don’t intentionally suggest anything that is false or misleading. This is the only way to improve about out city facebook wont care whether the data are accurate or not so we should do it by our-self.
What You get?
Nothing, Using Facebook Editor and any related groups is completely voluntary. You can use it as much or as little as you want, and you can stop at any time.
You may appear on leaderboards. If enough of your edits are approved, your name and profile picture may appear on leaderboards along with other top editors. These leaderboards are visible to other Facebook users and are organized by geography (e.g. city, state, and country) and your friends.
To Use Facebook Editor Visit This Link :https://www.facebook.com/editor
Join the Facebook Global Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/placeseditorsftw


Volunteering in Translate Facebook

Translate Facebook is a tool to translate facebook to your own language. You can help facebook to translate it into your own language. Your Country national language. Here you can translate words suggest translation and Vote the correct Translation.
To Use facebook Translate Visit this Link. https://www.facebook.com/?sk=translations
You can get Awards While Translation. Only visible on Facebook remember.
If you like this you can join. if you need any help on this the comment box is always there for you.Volunteering in Facebook Editor and Translate