Clear, Change / Set Default apps in Android

Hello all After long I am back here with a simple guide for you to change default apps in your android Phone. The default apps are those apps which opens the particular file type without asking from which app you want to open that files or links or…….. . When you are using Twitter you click a link that opens on Opera although you have Chrome installed because Opera is a default app for Opening links. And you want to change. How? Clear, Change / Set Default apps in Android.

First let us talk about How to set Default app first.
if you have 2 or more apps to Play videos  then when you click a links in App you are asked to select a app from where you want to play and there is another option. Just Now and Always.
If you select Always that app is set as Default app for Playing Videos.
How to Clear?
Its is easy on android 5 Or higher. (as i find on 5.1.1)
Go to settings
Go to Apps
Go to Default apps
Tap on Clear just next to that app.
What for Lower version?
Its is not difficult
Go to setting
Then Apps
Select apps (Slide left or right to change taps Like downloaded Sd card, All Apps)
Find the app
Tap on the app
Find option to Clear the Default.
That is all. Now when You click the links on The apps you will be again asked to Choose new app. You can Select it as Always or Just Now. This guide is useful and i think i need to publish this article because some wifi need to login through browsers but my default browser was operamini and being opera the default browser when I click Sign in to Wifi. it opens a ip address of the router but opera did not open that Ip link. It take time to know whats was wrong then And i need to Change my default browser to always ask so every time it asks me to use which app to open links. And its also useful on other needs. Clear, Change / Set Default apps in Android.
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