Cover Letter for np Domain Registration Request

.np domain is free to register for personal and organizational use. We can register a .np domain free of cost with in some minutes, Domain registration follows certain rules, np Domain registrar updates that we should provide Cover letter for np domain registration request. In this article we will be providing a sample cover letter for domain request.

What is Cover Letter

Before we start, we wanted you to be sure about what Cover letter is. Cover letter is a document or letter to be send to explain about the other documents and services. The letter provides detailed information on why you are sending the documents for, why you should be approved for what your are requesting on. As it describe why you should be accepted, you should include specific information on why you are a strong match for the requirements.

np Domain Registration

Domain registration is the process of reserving a domain name. A domain name is unique string to represent a web page on WWW. as np domain is free to register for citizens and organizations in Nepal. you need to verify your identity of yours, also your domain name should match your name. You can check domain availability, then register it if available you should provide NS in the time of registration. You can Register .np Domain in Nepal.

Sample cover letter for np domain registration

Here is the sample cover letter for .np domain registration. Here in the application I Provide some information about myself.  The date of request, Subject for domain registration with Domain name. Information about yourself and domain name. Message that you accept the Terms and Conditions and some more information.

Image of Sample cover letter for np domain registration
Sample cover letter for np domain registration

Cover letter Generator

As the Domain registration had made Cover letter a compulsory, Every domain registration should provide a cover letter for their domain registration request. So we create np domian registration Cover letter Generator.

Click on the above link of cover letter generator, then you will find something like this.

Image of np domian registration Cover letter Generator website
np domian Cover letter Generator

Here You should Provide your name, phone and email. Then enter your domain Name ( Only the domain name without domain extension). Then select your domain extension. Click on Generate, that’s all your cover letter is generated. You can take screenshot from FireFox, or you can Print and save as PDF from any browsers. You can also use Web page to Image tool as this will generate a special link for you.

A Video on How to Create a Cover letter of np domain registration

If you need any Help on that tool Click on that help Icon to get help and FAQ.

Letterhead pad not properly signed/sealed

The cover letter generated here is only for Personal domain registration. For official domain registration you need to use your official Letter pad and Stamps and signature of the head.

Using this cover letter for Company domain registration will get response as “Requested domain name is not mentioned in the letterhead pad and not properly signed/sealed”. Use your official Letterhead pad 🙂


For np domain registration cover letter is compulsory, You should provide cover letter for any domain registration request. We create cover letter generator tool. You can create cover letter as per your domain name. Cover letter for np domain registration should include information about you.