10 Best High Profitable Blog Niche In 2020

A blog niche is very important for the pro blogger like you and me. To be honest, picking a suitable blog niche is very easy and fun. You can choose whatever you want or like. Also, you can run a blog without any niche. A pro blogger will never run their blog out of the niche.

There are many advantages to pick a worthy niche for your blog.

You can focus only on one topic. It will reduce a lot of time from your daily schedule.

And also, you will have a niche-friendly blog.

I mean you will receive blog traffic according to your niche.

Let’s say you have a gadget blog. A people who want to gain information about the whitelisted gadget will only visit your blog. Someone who wants to buy a house will never visit a gadget blog. Similarly, a customer of a mobile phone will never enter the travel blog.

From a business point of view, a niche blog will have a high chance of generating maximum affiliate sales.

If you have a blog about the review of the mobile phone then you can sell affiliate products related to mobile phones. For your information, do not forget to give some discounts to your visitors.

How to pick a suitable niche for your blog

blog niche

I have already mentioned above. Picking a blog niche is easy and fun.

This doesn’t require any experience or a blogging talent. Even a 10 years old kid can pick up their suitable one.

When I was a kid, I wanted to make a lyrical blog. It may sound funnier but yeah I actually had thought about it. After a few couples of the month, I made my dream blog.

After some months later, I discovered that my lyrics blog is getting a lot of plagiarism issues. It was a hard time but I had to say goodbye to my dream blog.

Here, what I want to say is choosing a worthy blog niche is sweet and simple.

The only thing you will ever need is passion and motivation. And of course, a little knowledge about your niche too.

When you will be fully familiar with these things, your blogging days will start to glow like the bright stars.

10 Best High Profitable Blog Niches

Now, let’s talk about the 10 Best High Profitable Blog Niches for the beginner like you.

Before we move ahead, read here how you can increase your blog traffic

The following list are based on our personal selection. We would like to apologize in advance if we have missed any of your best niche on the list.

Lifestyle Niche

The lifestyle niche is very popular among the top blogger. You will need information about the person’s lifestyle. Below are some of the sub-niche which you can pick according to your knowledge level.

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Relationship Advice

News Niche

Are you interested in writing a news article? If yes then, this niche can be the path changer of your blogging career.

  • Politics
  • Business
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Celebrity

Entertainment niche

Human beings are not a robot to work 24 hours a day. They also need some time to refresh their mood and to recharge their energy. Try writing an article on such a niche that can give information to your visitors.

  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Magic
  • Games

Tech niche

Our timeandupdate.com is also based on the tech niche. If you want to know about this niche then you can simply check our articles.

  • Gadgets
  • Blogging
  • Domain and hostings
  • Earning money online
  • Computers
  • Tech Support
  • Virtual Reality

Business niche

At last, we have a business niche. This niche is considered as one of the most profitable niches.

  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Frugal Living
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Business Ideas
  • Business Tips

While totaling all the niches and sub-niches, we have provided more than 40 worthy niches for you.

That’s all for today. Keep in touch with us. The more interesting articles are on the way.