New Feature in Facebook Page

New Feature in Facebook Page

Facebook introduces a new feature for Admin of Facebook Page. Which is Usefull for Facebook page admins. As I had in Problem in absence of this feature. I think many of you admins post something in facebook as Your profile insist of your facebook page. Yes now we don’t have such problems any more. Facebook Just added a New Feature which is Nice enough.

As you See In the Above image there is a option for facebook page admin to select How to Post In your Facebook page.

In That image Amrit Devkota is My Profile And Lekhnath is a Page I admin. Here There is Tick mark in Lekhnath so if i post anything it will be Posted as Lekhnath(The Page). If i select Amrit Devkota Then something I post is posted as my Profile. And Hello Is Next page I admin if i select Hello, The post Posted will be Posted as Hello (hello Facebook Page) in Lekhnath Timeline.


Also you may reply as your own Personal profile during commenting as your Page it also Help. During commenting if I select Amrit devkota the comment is commented as own profile. If you select Lekhnath it is commented as Lekhnath Page and If You Select Hello It will Comment in Lekhnath post as Hello Page.

And Also Easy insights in Home

Also You can view you Page State in Facebook Home. In The above image there is a insights of Lekhnath page Here is Shown Weekly Like And Post reached. It also mention state of your Post that you posted recently.
And It is Nice for me that There is “You Have’t Posted in 32 Days”. It forced me to post A new Status Today.
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