Author: Amrit

Cryptocurrency And Everything You Need To Know

Cryptocurrency is the form of money (medium of exchange) which is not physically present but transactions are made digitally. Cryptocurrency use cryptography for security, secure transaction and creation of new coins. Transactions are made by exchanging digital information electrically through the principle of cryptography. Monetary value is determined through the codes stored electrically, whenever a

Bitcoin – The Digital Money

Perhaps, some of you are new to Bitcoin and just have heard about it or actually unknown about what exactly Bitcoin is? Or you may have something about it which may not adequate to know all about. In this post I would try my best to make you understand with some sorts of outline established

How to Reach Rara Lake Nepal, Rara lake Trekking

I love travelling many new places, Today here is a guide to reach Rara Lake, the largest and beautiful place of nature. Rara Lake is a lake with a fresh pure water which lies in the Mugu district of Karnali zone in Mid-western Development Region of Nepal. It is famous for the heavenly environment with

Get a free Payoneer Master Card in Nepal

Payoneer is a best payment gateway. It is the one of the world popular electronic payment process, which have not limits for users in Nepal as in Paypal. The card I applied for the first time was of now use, and I was not I need of that during that time. When I started in

Simple Signature for your email

Hi Friends after vary long I am here. Today I have a tutorials to insert a signature in your outgoing email. A signature in email is a text that shows in every email you sent. It helps to provide all the necessary information about you including Phone no. email, your website and your social network

Custom URL/Username for Your Google + Profile

Hi friends after long time i am back with a tutorial showing how to get username for your google + profile. This post is quite similar with our previous article Custom URL/Username for Your Facebook. All the things are same like username make you to remember your profile address easy, easy to find and Standard obviously. Custom URL/Username

Nepal and its Problem: Natural and Political

In the beginning of the year the Nepalese has to face a great crisis due to the massive earthquake  which takes away many Nepalese peoples life , many people lost the life of their parents, children and the relatives almost about 9000 lives have lost. The country politics is also in the critical state they

Facebook Page Name can Be changed anytime

Facebook Page name change no more limit Recently Facebook updates it services. Facebook Page name change no more limit Among all Now Facebook Page admins can now change theirs pages’s name even their’s page have 200+ Likes. Before this update page admins are can change pages names if their page  have less then 200 Likes.

How to stop the auto run facebook video

How to stop the auto run facebook video The auto run video don’t let to load the other content of the facebook and take the long time to load when you are using slow speed internet or you are using limited data package , which consume more data unnecessary. So it is required to stop

View Hidden Files

View Hidden Files Some people hide files and folder in there computer. As they think other can’t view it easily. today here you will know how to make those hidden file to be shown. simply How To view Hidden files. Just go to the folder where you file may be hidden Now Click in View