Bitcoin – The Digital Money

Perhaps, some of you are new to Bitcoin and just have heard about it or actually unknown about what exactly Bitcoin is? Or you may have something about it which may not adequate to know all about. In this post I would try my best to make you understand with some sorts of outline established in your mind. Let me begin from the term Bitcoin. Bitcoin – The Digital Money

What is Bitcoin?

In simple and straight forward, bitcoin is a digital money.
Bitcoin is also referred as a system of transferring monetary value of digit as a digital money to one another within the network of bitcoin users which accept valuing digital money without in presence of any authorized central body or any kind of middle man.

People under this networking has given its value thus which is equivalent to money authorized by the central bank of the country for them. People under this networking are increasing day by day thus value of Bitcoin also increasing in recent months. People can spend their bitcoin amount to use different facilities. Buying and selling transaction mostly in the internet are performed using bitcoin.
It’s better to be familier with Bitcoin payment system.

Bitcoin payment system mostly secure and with high profitable as no payment required to the middle man. It is transaction between person to person without a particular authority responsible for the exchange but it is powered by every user. The transaction is verified and validate with regular and repeatedly checked.


Transaction in Bitcoin is the system in which digital monetary value can be transferred from one person to another through email or over any communications channel. The transaction are made in absence of middleman in between people. Anyone can transfer money to anyone anywhere else in the world without any centralized service.

Bitcoin in fact is the digital money which doesn’t exist but can be utilize by spending among people within network who have actually give a value to the bitcoin altogether. There is no a particular authority who is responsible for the exchange of the bitcoin but it is powered by its users. Bitcoin is based on the peer-to-peer technology. All the transaction are recorded in worldwide ledger which is one of the most complicated, most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system.

It is innovative internet protocol created by a unknown programmer on the name Santosi Nakmoto in 2009. It’s a kind of new payment system that are super easy to use.


It is all about the legder of all the transaction that which are already confirm by network of people involve with it. It is the ledger that totally relies on network of associated people based on entirely decentralized concept which is one of the largest practice of decentralized module in monetary transaction, this has brough a revolutionary change in transferring of money and perform monetary transaction. When all the transaction are confirmed then the bitcoin wallet can give a sum of balance that can be allowable to spend and can be used for other and further transaction.

Bitcoin is the word used as the word that denotes the network involvement in this new payment system where as bitcoin word itself with lowercase ‘b’ is used to denote the unit of it’s monetary value. It may be donoted by various notation like BTC , XBT. Small unit for bitcoin is millibitcoin or microbitcoin refer as bit. Santoshi is mostly used as the smallest amount i.e. one hundred millionth of a bitcoin. 1 santoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoin.

Bitcoin Mining

From where do we get Bitcoin? Paper money is issused by central government but who issue bitcoins as bitcoin doesn’t have and any central government?

In the bitcoin payment system, miner use a special software for issuing certain amount of  bitcoins for exchange purpose and to solve many mathmatical problem associated with the system. Use of the special software makes a smartest way to issue the currency and provide a space for many people to mine.

Record-keeping service associates with the bitcoin is known as the mining. The main purpose of mining is to keep the record ledger, blockchain always complete, consistent and unalterable by verifying the transactions repeatedly and collecting information about new transactions on next blockchain.

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