Get Started With Bitcoin free BTC Online Wallets

If you are the Beginner at Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency you finally reached out to the right place. Today I am here to inform you about Bitcoin and How to get started with IT. Here you will get some idea to Earn Bitcoin too. As me being from Nepal where Paypal is not accepted (Directly) for online transaction Bitcoin is the best option. I will try to cover all the information you need to know to be started with Bitcoin But Truly speaking you need not to know anything. Only thing you need is to Start. So it is better saying that this post cover the things what i hope i should know before. Get Started With Bitcoin free BTC Online Wallets

What is Bitcoin?

As this article is focussing for the absolute beginner of Bitcoin it is better to start with What is this. Simply it is  a king of opengraphcurrency which is transferred electronically for an optional transaction fee. it was  introduced in 2009 as open-source software developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi The smallest unit of BTC was named after him. The payments in this system are recorded in a public ledger. Payments work peer-to-peer without a central repository or single administrator. This is why Bitcoin is called as a Virtual currency and often refer to bitcoin as a cryptocurrency or digital currency. New Bitcoins are created during verifying and recording payments into the public ledger which is called mining. Bitcoins can be stolen and chargebacks are impossible and fueled price volatility

Bitcoin Wallet

You need Bitcoin wallet bitcoin-perenos_1to sand and receive Bitcoin payment. Without bitcoin you cannot receive or send Bitcoin. You need to create Bitcoin wallet (as for beginner we will use online Bitcoin wallet so we are not talking about Bitcoin hardware wallets, Software wallets, Paper wallets for now.)  Here we will discuss about some of the online Bitcoin wallet. Hardware wallets are the physical device which are used to store Bitcoin securely. Software wallet you will download application on your device Android, Tablet or PC. Paper wallets Bitcoin private keys are Printed. (Had not Used). Today I will discuss about online Wallet and these will be useful for you as i will regularly post about earning.

Online Bitcoin Wallets

Online Bitcoin wallets are best for beginner as you can access your wallets from all around the world via internet. They are called as web wallets private keys are stored online. With the number of thefts and attacks increasing rapidly it’s better to protect yourself selection Top Wallets. Here are the list of some Popular online wallets:

I personally had used 2 of the above wallet. As for beginning you can use Coinbase as no additional fees are applied while receiving and sending Bitcoins. However some delay on payment may occur. Go to any of these site and create account. You can access your Bitcoin wallet from web login. You need and get your Wallet address. You can Create as much wallet address as you need.

Earn Bitcoins

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Here are the list for getting Bitcoins. You can google to get details about it.:

  • Accepting them as a means of payment
  • Earn Bitcoins from interest payments %
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Gambling
  • HYIP Sites

HYIP Sites

HYIP, high-yield investment program is a type of investment, that promises unsustainably high return on investment. I suggest you to join Newly active Hyip site. I personally cant list trusted Hyip Sites but what i regurally check is from this list on some sites. Here is the you can check this link Top paying Hyip Try to invest lowest to test them and get return.

And you also can Check on the right side of my blog Under Start earning today Get awesome returns on Investment. Get Started With Bitcoin free BTC Online Wallets need any help I am always there in the comment box bellow.


  1. I have been trading on Coinbase from day I first bought cryptocurrency. I’ve bought Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and sold them at varying intervals. I can’t recall if I owned any Bitcoin at the first fork. I do have a friend who did own some. And we’re confused about all the fork stuff relative to Coinbase. If we owned Bitcoin at the fork then do we actually also still have a potential ownership of Bitcoin cash? Who has it? Does Coinbase have it? Currently, I only own Bitcoin and have for a while. Have their been other forks except the one? IF so – does Coinbase hold those currencies somewhere as well? The fork stuff is quite confusing relative to Coinbase. Because last night I thought I would go buy some IOTA but to buy IOTA they said I have to pay with Bitcoin. Well – now that we want to create a wallet and get our Bitcoins off to be able to buy something with them we’re concerned that if we pull them off of Coinbase does that cause us for forfeit any Bitcoin cash that Coinbase may be holding of ours somewhere? Any insight into all of this will be greatly appreciated!

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