Free Bitcoin No Investment No Risk Mine yourself

Hello all, Today I am Here to guide you to earn free Bitcoins without doing anything just a sign Up. I am on the crypto-currency world since 2015 and I am on Time and Update since its establishment 2013. Till now i Had not created any post about Earning BTC as I find all are for their own profit only and As for cloud mining, it requires sufficient investments, and no one will give a 100% guarantee of profit. But today I am here with a long-term BTC earning idea. Free Bitcoin No Investment No Risk Mine yourself.

Must read before Cloud mining Why not to Cloud Mining

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Here is all required information about Bitcoin and related terms Bitcoin The Digital Money.

If you are beginner Check this Post and Create a online BTC wallet Get Started With Bitcoin free BTC Online Wallets.

Yes you can become a miner too using your own PC. Here you will share your computer power and works using the resources of your computer in the background, in no way limiting its workability, and you will receive a reward for that. (Paying The Best free)(Not anymore)*

Better to Use Stable Version then Beta. (Beta may use more CPU)

MicroMining – a revolution in the world of mining cryptocurrency. By combining the power of computers of users cryptocurrency minned. Today you will know about a site that provide Micro Mining opportunity for all the users. Here you will sign up on the site then download a small application program which is no more than 1.5 MB. The app will start using the resources of your computer in the background. it wont limiting its workability. The only thing that would be required your Computer should be turned for certain period of time. You won’t feel any inconveniences while working at your computer as app will use computing resources that is unused. Now lets start:

Create new Bitcoin wallet address and copy it.

Then Visit this Link:


Then click in Get Started.


Then paste your Bitcoin Address and Click on Get Started.


Then Download The application software on your PC and Install it. Then run the application.


Then Paste the same BTC wallet Address on the field and Click ok.


Then as on the above image you can check your earning. Free Bitcoin No Investment No Risk Mine yourself For now this is only available on Windows 64 Bit PC you need to wait for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows 32 bit.

Micro Mining Pays Not instantly As mentioned on the site but with in 24 Hours you reached the minimum Requirement.

If need any help Please comment bellow I am always there.