TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week

TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week

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यदि यो हप्ताको भद्रगोलकि भिडियो खोजनु भएको हो भने यो तलको लिइक किलिक गर्नुहिस्।

Nepali Comedy Bhadragol this week
यो हप्ताको भद्रगोल

TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week
Nepali’s best Comedy Nepali serial TV show “Bhadragol” is Newest Comedy TV show Which is most famous among all Nepali viewers. IF you are a regular viewer of this popular TV show you missed it last two episode period (ie. Last friday and today also ). According to a news published in onlynepali.netTV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week It is confirmed that Bhadragol will not be showing on Nepal Television which is officially broadcasting Bhadragol, every Friday night at 9 PM. As confirmed by the director of the serial Bhadragol Shankar Acharya, the problem in broadcasting is due to the tenor process by Nepal Television. Although the shooting is completed but the episode is effected by the Tenor process only.
In this week people talk many things about Character of that TV show. In my local area people says that Bhadragol’s main character Jigri bro is sick. Also Bale got a accident and he is at last stage in hospital. And many thing about other player. I even don’t know that it is true or not.

TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week
Subash Karki (bilase)

Bhadragol is a popular Nepali comedy serial with interesting characters Jigri Bro, Bale, Cockroach, Jayante, Pade and others. Subash Karki who is playing as Bilase in the serial is the producer of Bhadragol which is being directed by Shankar Acharya. It is only First Comedy TV show Which is best and popular among Nepali people in the short period of time. Mostly now day’s local comedy actor (I mean friends who can caricatures other’s voice are making fun with Pade’s Voice. Most people Never miss to watch This program. But it was missed For two weeks.
Hope it will be continued next week. Enjoy the TV Show Bhadragol.
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