Friends and Family Call Service (FNF) NTC

As any other private telecommunication Nepal telecom did not publish any advertisement when they lunch any new service or not about their existing services. Today I am here with a Package that was lunched months ago (or may be year). Till now it was not so useful by now being I am in need of this package, as everything is limited. Here you will get a compleate guide to activate friends and Family Call Service (FNF) NTC. As per this package you can call up to  person anytime with discounts ie. 50% on every minutes.


Friends and Family Call Service (FNF) Package is a for both Post-Paid Mobile users and Pre-Paid Mobile users where users can make calls to Five(5) other Nepal Telecom’s telephone numbers (Nepal Telecom’s PSTN or Post-Paid or Pre-Paid Mobile) at Discounted Price which is half of regular call price even in Business Hours. You can add 5 mobile numbers during registration for this service and there is no any activation fee.

Mobile Call Charge

On regular mobile call charge for GSM Pre-Paid fee is Rs. 1.50 per minute and if you activate this service you can call those five friends just 70 paisa per minute any time with those 5 peoples.

On regular mobile call charge for GSM Post-Paid fee is Rs 1.00 per minute  during 6:00 AM to 10:00PM while RS 0.55 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM and if you activate this service you can call those five friends just 55 paisa per minute during any time with those mobile numbers.

How to activate

You can add upto 5 mobile numbers and you can delete or modify any number any time as your need. So you can cheat with Nepal Telecom too its is not in need of. for adding or removing or changing you can simply send a SMS.


How to Subscribe : type FNFSUB*No1 send it to 1415
To add new FNF member : type FNFADD*No2  send it to 1415 (repeat same for the next)
To Modify FNF Member : type FNFMOD*OLD No*New No send it to 1415
To Delete FNF Member : type FNFDEL*No send it to 1415
To Inquiry FNF Member : type FNFINQ send it to 1415

To add 9846622865 on your FNF service go to Message box and type “fnfadd*9846622865″ and send it to 1415. For first time subscription use fnfsub insist of fnfadd. Send sms Without ” and “.


Send SMS, Type FNF No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5 and Send it to 1400


This package was in action since long and many of you had also already used it. But i know must of were unknown till that’s why i write this article. Now you can enjoy calling your family for few long duration with much less cost. As per you can edit and modify any numbers as per your need you can call any numbers. Friends and Family Call Service (FNF) NTC Confusion on any SMS syntax? there is comment box always waiting for you. Have good days. Keep on calling.