Twitter and Wikipedia no more free on Opera From Ncell

Twitter and Wikipedia are free to access from Ncell network. Users can browse twitter and Wikipedia from any browsers it wont cost anything ( as mentioned by Ncell But loading images or videos used to cost). Users can access both sites from any browsers including proxy browsers opera mini. Ncell announce that from January first 2017 Users cannot access Those sites for free from proxy browser opera mini. Twitter and Wikipedia no more free on Opera From Ncell. Ncell also mention that the facebook packs are also not allowed to be used from opera mini.

Twitter and Wikipedia are still free to access from Normal browsers.

First to know about why Ncell drop support to opera? Lets know about Opera first.

Opera mini

Opera mini is a proxy browsers. what it meant by Proxy browser? A proxy browser mean any browser which use proxy server to access any website on internet insist of directing connecting to the website server to access the files form the website. Using proxy browsers you can access any site anonymously. when users request to access any website opera drag files and required documents from the certain site and compress it and send back to users. This is the region that we can access some sites that are actually not view from normal browser. So for doing so opera actually did not use the domain that you type on the address bar. they send command and revive files from their own servers. Till Ncell used to give free access to those servers which are no more from 2017.

Reason behind

I have no actual idea about this but While using Twitter and Wikipedia from opera I can access any other sites just linked. And users use HTTP Injector to access site for free and while doing some research I had found that “Until the ncell stops giving access to some sites free even in zero balance users can access sites for free using DNS Tunnel.” So this update will close the loopholes and make themselves more secure.

Facebook Pack

If you are using facebook pack from ncell. From January If you access facebook from opera it will cost from your main balance but not from the facebook pack. your facebook pack is untouched during using facebook form opera. if you have normal internet pack it will deduce your internet data.

Twitter and Wikipedia no more free on Opera From Ncell But Twitter and Wikipedia are still free on Ncell next to proxy browsers. Enjoy Contributing in Wikipedia and tweeting in Twitter also learning from Wikipedia.