Newbies Programmers and my Suggestion

Every expert was once a beginner. The hardest thing in programming world is to start, when you start there are plenty of ways to make it work. Today I will cover the topics that every beginner programmer should know. If you are here in search of the ways and ideas to get started and learn coding, you are on the right place and congratulate yourself that you select to learn something that is really easy and you are never feel bored. Here is article on newbies programmers and my suggestion. Just follow through my suggestion and get head-start on the programming world.

First Programming language

Every beginner starts their days with a single line google search which Programming language to learn and then how to learn ________. And what I usually got the answer is to consider the fact about job market, well I am not on the way to describe it. What is suggest is to select any random Programming language to get started. Do remember when you learn some programming you learn programming not only that language. The basic programming concept for all of the programming language are quite similar. Just select any random programming language. I suggest 1. JavaScript or 2. Python or 3. C. C programming is the first programming language I learn. and it takes no long time for me to learn other two.

Compiler Error Runtime Messages

While programming many beginner completely ignore the error messages those are displayed while compilation or runtime error messages. They might read it, but nine times out of ten they’ll simply dismiss it and try again just by simply changing bit of code telling themselves it wont work. You should realize that the error you’re getting contains useful information on how to fix it. if you cannot fix it then take the error message the google it.

Use Google

By the time you learning all the common problems are already solved in online forms and many tutorials are also posted to solve some specific problems so make a habit to google. Pick exactly the error message that you are facing. Other newbies had asked questions and they are already answered if you cannot find any solution use Stack Overflow, ask some one will answers it with in some hours. You should learn to google and which is possible by doing it regularly.

Better coding style

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. – Martin Fowler

Always remember to make Commenting & Documentation of your program. One of my friend always used to say “If you need to comment your code just rewrite it” I never followed him but I know he write comments on his code. Follow better Indentation this will makes you to understand your code easily and you will never miss opening and closing brackets. don’t use slang on variables use full words, it may take some more time to type but you never need go back and check for what purpose the variable is.

Key stock and keyboard practices

How fast can you type? Never learn to type first only. Rather learn to type on good typing practices. The typing speed gained by the fingers on right place can be effective.

Left hand ASDF Right hand JKL;
Best keyboard keyboard practices

Version control system

Always learn to use version control system. Version control system will track your progress with all the information like when by whom and why (the commit message). Get Started with Git Version Control System. When you write codes and it works as expected what will you do to edit it further. you just simply copy it and start edit and doing so you will make multiple files with a bit different code. But with version control system your every commits are tracked that you can go back to any condition of your file. Commit often but never commit if your code is not giving expected result.

Use Code editors

Writing codes in code editors are really easy. working the various coloration syntax highlighting is fun. There are large numbers of IDEs that can fit your needs. You can select any that supports your selected programming language. Using autocomplete makes you easy but I suggest you not to use it till you are known about keywords by yourself. Also learn how to use vim at least learn a bit of it.

Command lines tools

You work most of your days in IDEs or Code editors it’s really easy. It will be great if you learn how to do the same thing through command lines, It will make your life easy. you can do much work with some codes. Not only in Linux and mac os you can also use command on windows. working through terminal is cool. You could enjoy it too.

Read and Practice

You can check programs and codes on your programming language in open source projects. Say I don’t know and always be ready to learn. Invest you time on reading and learn more than write codes. Always do love your codes and make it to like by everybody. Become the master in practicing. Always think to learn something new and practice when you get time. Open Source projects are built with the input of many developers. Therefore, it is a good idea to browse through the source code of these projects to observe what these developers are doing.


Whatever programming language you learn I suggest you to learn HTML and CSS from very depth. You will enjoy creating and showing your arts on web browsers using html and CSS combination. Whenever I get change I work with html and CSS creating some random pages with variety of colors and I really enjoy doing it. Get started from free code camp Free Code Camp Learn Coding and you can learn more from which is free of cost.

I will, in fact, claim that the difference between a bad programmer and a good one is whether he considers his code or his data structures more important. Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships. – Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

Here is everything on Newbies Programmers and my Suggestion . Get started in programming world and consider the above mentioned steps to lean more effectively. Programming is really fun you just need to know how to enjoy it.