How To Buy Mobile Legend Diamond In Nepal

Mobile Legend Bang Bang is an online multiplayer game developed and published by Moonton. Mobile legend is basically popular among Southeast Asian gamers. It is a 5 vs 5 online MOBA game designed for mobile phones.

In a very short period of time Mobile Legend Bang Bang succeed to win the heart of many gamers. To date, the number of MLBB gamers reached to 100 Million plus. Due to its craze and much esport competition, it is believed that the number of MLBB gamer will increase rapidly in the coming days.

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Though Mobile Legend is free to install and play. However, you will need diamonds to do an in-app purchase. If you want to have a legendary hero or the legendary skin then you will obviously need diamonds.

How to buy mobile legend diamond in Nepal?

mobile legend

MLBB diamond can only be obtained from top-up. Here I suggest you, be aware of all those people and website who claimed themselves as a free MLBB diamond generator.

Stay away from all those untrustworthy things. It will only risk your MLBB account. In return, you will get nothing. Instead, you will lose your own account and time.

MLBB Diamond Rates

MLBB diamond rates differ from dealers to dealers. Some dealers may provide you high profit and some may scam you with an extremely low rate. Therefore before purchasing make sure to check their rates very carefully.

Also, if you are doing an in-app purchase then I will recommend you to buy diamond only in a special event. You will get huge discount on such event.

MLBB Trusted Dealers

In the present context, we do not have any list of trusted dealers. We will update our article shortly with a huge list of trusted dealers.

If you want to know more about MLBB diamond then you can drop your question in our comment section. Till then keep updating with us. Many more updates are on the way.