How to purchase PUBG Mobile UC from Nepal?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer game developed by  PUBG Corporation. In a very short period of time PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds succeed to win the heart of many gamers. To date, the number of PUBG gamers reached to 100 Million plus. Due to its craze and much esport competition, it is believed that the number of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gamer will increase rapidly in the coming days.

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Though PUBG mobile is free to install and play. However, you will need PUBG UC (which is like a credit to purchase various items in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds gameplay) to buy royale pass and also to unlock premium features of a PUBG Mobile.

pubg royale pass

Therefore, you will need to have some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UC in your account to enjoy all the premium features in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

How to buy PUBG UC in Nepal?

The main problem that you will face while buying PUBG UC is How can gamers from Nepal can purchase a UC? This is the world of Information and technology where you can do a maximum of your work just by sitting in front of your PC screen. All of you need money to survive but you cannot be 100% sure that all the human being in this world do a decent job.

These days the number of PUBG scammers are increasing swiftly. You need to be very careful while purchasing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UC online. Before trusting any dealer make sure to check all the review dropped by their clients.

PUBG Mobile UC rates

I don’t have much knowledge about the present rates of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UC. However, you can find some UC rates which is listed below.

  • 70 + 4 UC – Rs. 200
  • 210 + 11 UC – Rs. 500
  • 700 + 70 UC – Rs. 1450
  • 1750 + 263 UC – Rs. 3500
  • 3500 + 700 UC – Rs. 7000
  • 7000 + 1750 UC – Rs. 13800

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds trusted dealers

In the present context, we do not have any list of trusted dealers. We will update our article shortly with a huge list of trusted dealers.

If you want to know more about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UC then you can drop your question in our comment section. Till then keep updating with us. Many more UC’s updates are on the way.