Google Adsense Identity Verification In Nepal

Recently, many YouTubers and bloggers in Nepal are facing the problem of Google adsense identity verification. As you already know. This is one of the serious problems that you will need to do to use your adsense account continuously. What will happen if you do not verify your identity on time? All of you now looking for the answer to the same question, isn’t it?

If you do not verify your identity on time. Google will stop serving advertisements on your blog or in your youtube videos. If this happens, your revenue will stop fully. As well as there will be a high chance of an account ban.

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Google Adsense Identity Verification In Nepal

After you cross $10 revenue in your adsense account, Google will ask you to do an identity verification. The main thing is that you cannot skip this process. Identity verification is required to prove that you are a real owner and, also to verify the address which you have submitted in your adsense account.

Due to some document problems, many adsense publishers here are facing the problem of identity verification.

Most of the Governmental issued documents in Nepal are written in Nepali languages. The digitalization of such documents are still unavailable in Nepal. This is the main cause, why most of the identity application is being rejected by Google adsense.

Therefore, to verify your identity you will need an English written governmental document. As far as I know, Digital license in Nepal supports the English language.

Your issue can be solved if you have such a document with you. What if you don’t have it?

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Here are some of the tips which can solve your problem. All these tips are based on personal experience. It is working perfectly for us. Now its time for you to try these awesome tips.

Government Passport

google adsense identity verification

One of my friends recently verified his Google adsense identity using a Nepali passport. As you can clearly see, this idea will also work perfectly for you. If you already have a Nepali passport then you can do its high-quality scan.

For those who do not have a Nepali passport, you can get help from your nearest family members or friends.

You can also make your own passport if you have time and money. It will be required in the future if you are planning to go abroad on a trip or to work or study.

Digital driving licensed

google adsense identity verification
Nepali driving licensed model

Nepali driving licensed can also be used to verify your identity in Google adsense. You can see the format of the driving license is in the English language. Therefore im pretty sure it will be very helpful for you. A scanned copy of your license will be enough to overcome your problem.

Notary services

This option is for those who don’t have anything except the Nepali citizenship card. Notary Services are services rendered by a state-commissioned notary public. These notary services include general notary acts such as acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, affirmations, protests, depositions, and more.

You can read here the detailed information about identity verification.

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