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Hello today this post is about Payoneer Master card shipped to local area. When ever we apply for payoneer card we easily get verified and cards are shipped to our own address. Remember to that address that you provide. They wont check your document details and send it to you. And about the Google Adseans verification letter  Today I mainly focus on Online verification letters and any other this they are send through post office to us and Postal system in Nepal. Payoneer Card Google Letter Post office I try myself to find answer of some Questions listed below:-

  • Are letters actualy Send?
  • Is our Postal system poor?
  • Do officers at postal office use it?
  • Or your address formate is wrong?

Postal System in Nepal

Nepal Post is considered as one of the oldest governmental service organizations in the country, which started postal services formally through the post offices for the first time in 1878 AD when it was established. Post office and postal letters are the only medium to be connected with our relatives on foreign land. I myself remember writing letters to dad waiting a or twice months for its response and sending new letters instant. To send letter we used to fill exactly the address that we regularly used to use. At that time I had no Idea about Postal code or Zip code or there may be no System about this code.

Payoneer And Google Letter

Do Payoneer and Google send you the Letters? Yes obviously as they are doing their business. They invest on it they know they can take back the investment and profit from their business. So do officers at Post office kept it? I don’t think so, if you What for? Its just a piece of paper. It don’t have any value for them.

My payoneer card. How Payoneer Card Google Letter Post office
My Payoneer Card Recived

I receive my Payoneer card from near post office and there was 5 more Payoneer card and 2 Google adseans letter. And I notice that address are not in the order that should be. But still they are received. after a months yesterday i need to go to my post office for my EU card. those  2 google adseans are still there and 3 of 5 Payoneer are there. As you had not mentioned your mobile no there they cant call and your address is uselessly mention. One of it was as ” Pokhara Lekhnath western Nepal” So how can they pass your letter to you. Once Suman Ghimire posted a post on Facebook with the image below:

Payoneer and Google letter not Delivered.
Payoneer and Google letter not Delivered.

Aaja ma Sundhara gayeko thiye for the Adsense letter. Tyaha maile more than 1000 letters from Google and more than 1000 Payoneer cards 2 wata box ma dekhe. They have not been supplied to the respective places of order due to mistake in address. address detail ma hunu parchha. If not sabai letter tehi Sundhara ma rahanchha.
Dherai le napayera suneko thiye. Tyaha huna sakchha. Go and check you name.

Yes Most of all the Letters are Delivered to Nepal. But due to address mismatch they are not sent to your local postal office. And if Sent to your area post office also you need to regularly check there.

1000s of Payoneer and Adseans letter are Stucked.


I dont want to conclude this post as “Postal system is better only the Fault is on our Address filling format.”  I remember a article published on one of a national daily titled as “Prime Minister, my shoes is stolen” there writer mention that the shoes he sand as Parcel was on the foot of one of the post office boss. Let forget it. You should Regularly Visit the post office. Find about Postal code of your Location Postal Code and Postal Code for Nepal. And Use it of your Local place. Visit Get a free Payoneer Master Card in Nepal and learn about Address format for Payoneer form. You should spent your time if you really need. Payoneer Card Google Letter Post office

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