How to Remotely Logout Facebook

Facebook the popular social media. It really care about the security of users. Today we are here to inform you about some of the security features of facebook to secure and track your facebook account if accessed form other location. There are many situations that we need to go away form home and we need to login to our facebook. what if you forget to logout from that public computer or how to check if some other are accessing your account? and how to logout form those device? So today we will learn How to Remotely Logout Facebook

Facebook have that feature to check account activities and remotely logout to end all active sessions from any computer or mobile phone your account was log in. So here we begun.

Fist login to your account Things you should know you and the Internet. Then click on down arrow on the top right of the facebook just after the privacy sign. Then click in the setting. Now you are on the General setting of facebook. Now click in the Security. You will see following security settings:

Here are all the settings we are working on. Mainly there are 3 security settings that match the title of this article. Recognized Devices That you login and set it as your own device it wont ask for PIN to access facebook. Where you’re logged in. All the location where your account is logged in. You can view Last accessed Location and Device Type. And Profile picture login is noting more but when you logout from facebook it will Pin your profile in facebook homepage (For that PC). You can login just by selecting your profile picture and password.

Now Click in Recognised Devices. Here are all your device you had logined to facebook. Select the location and time you had opened in public and click in Remove button next to it. As shown in the top Image.

Now Click in Where you’re Logged in

And if you find any Suspected Device or that known Devices in public place Click in End Activity. That’s all.

Now you can get access to know the devices and locations your account is loginned so you can review and secure your account for better Security Don’t forget to set  Step Verification in your account. Set up 2 Step Verification Facebook. by Now you know How to Remotely Logout Facebook any confusion don’t forget to ask through comment. Helpful your share may help your friends too. Have good days!