Nepal Telecom With 4G Giving 4GB Data Free

Nepal Telecom has Lunched 4G service on First of January 2017. With The Lunching of 4g Nepal telecom is giving 4 Gb of data for Free. The network will initially cover most parts of Kathmandu and Pokhara. To use 4G/LTE service, your mobile device needs to support 4G/LTE and in case you have older version of SIM card, you will need to replace it with newer 4G enabled SIM. Nepal Telecom With 4G Giving 4GB Data Free Here is the information about the free data provided by Nepal Telecom as a promotion for 4g package.

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Nepal Telecom Banner For 4G
Nepal Telecom Banner For 4G


The world of technology is changing at a rapidly. 4G is the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. The first-release Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard (a 4G candidate system) is commercially deployed in Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden since 2009. We are in 2017. The fastest 3G-based standard in the UMTS family is the HSPA+ standard, which is commercially available since 2009 and offers 28 Mbit/s downstream (22 Mbit/s upstream) without MIMO, i.e. only with one antenna, and in 2011 accelerated up to 42 Mbit/s peak bit rate downstream using either DC-HSPA+ (simultaneous use of two 5 MHz UMTS carriers)[3] or 2×2 MIMO. In theory speeds up to 672 Mbit/s are possible, but have not been deployed yet. The fastest 3G-based standard in the CDMA2000 family is the EV-DO Rev. B, which is available since 2010 and offers 15.67 Mbit/s downstream.

How to Activate

Dial *444# for activation through 4G enabled Sim. You phone should support 4g. You can activate this service during January 1 to January 31. And this will be valid for 4 days and You can Use 4 GB for Free and you Cannot exceed 1 GB a day.

Key Features

As 4G/LTE enables you to browse data at much higher speeds, you will have a much better browsing experience and your data consumption will go up.

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Nepal Telecom With 4G Giving 4GB Data Free Enjoy the data from Nepal telecom