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Institute of Forestry (IOF) Pokhara

Institute of Forestry (IOF) Pokhara    Administration Office IOF is fully committed to education and training in the field of forestry and natural resources management. It was established as Nepal Forestry Institute in 1947 under the government of Nepal within the Department of Forests at Singh Durbar in Kathmandu. It was moved to Bhim Phedi in 1957 and

Hello Nepal – Telecom

Hello Nepal – Telecom Hello Nepal, A Nepal Satellite Telecom Company, is a private telecom company operating in Nepal.It is the third private company providing GSM service in Nepal, but the first to start the service from rural part of the country which is least developed and without any infrastructure. Logo of Hello Nepal. The

Utl Internet (Data) Service with Settings

Hello today i am here with a guide for Utl Internet (Data) Service with Settings . I am using Utl Data service for Four years. The services are fine. Simply Reasonable. The data service is Provided with data device modem. On this post i will posting about its features and guide for settings. And also solution

Nobel Prize Winner Youngest

Today in this post here are the list of youngest persons whom Nobel Prize was awarded. Nobel Prize Winner Youngest Malala Yousafzai Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, 17 years old was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year (2014 AD) along with 60 years old  India’s Kailash Satyarthi for their struggles against the suppression (repression) of children and

TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week

TV Show Bhadragol to Continue Next Week If you Missed bhadragol TV show This week Visit यदि यो हप्ताको भद्रगोलकि भिडियो खोजनु भएको हो भने यो तलको लिइक किलिक गर्नुहिस्। Nepali Comedy Bhadragol this week यो हप्ताको भद्रगोल Nepali’s best Comedy Nepali serial TV show “Bhadragol” is Newest Comedy TV show Which is most famous

Hide Files In .JPG image

Hide Files In .JPG image  Do you wish to hide your files? Without knowing other. Today I am posting about hiding files in a image. You can hide any files, folders Anything in a .Jpg image. You need not to hide that image from other. Simply Your all files are hidden inside that image. You

Make An Invisible Folder

Make An Invisible Folder Want to hide things inside folder? If yes you are at right place today I am going to teach you how to make a invisible folder. Remember invisible folder is very different with hidden folders. Invisible folders are more effective that hidden folder as most people know to view the hidden